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Things I hate, part 2

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This time, let's cover a little bit more controversial topics.

As usual, the elephant in the room. Fonts in Microsoft Windows don't look as good as they do everywhere else. I know the difference is not that big, it's all just a matter of preference, and if you're used to them, they'll look great, but who gives a shit. I'm no font expert, but here are the problems I can see:

Many cancerous proprietary apps nowadays are guilty for this one, and, holy fuck, I hate it so much. Usually this problem manifests itself in form of:

I can kinda understand the last 2 - the developers may be lazy or greedy as fuck or using some overengineered garbage to build the UI. An ability to use the app somehow in any case would be nice, but whatever. The first one, however, just doesn't make any goddamn sense. If you've built your shit with a modern UI toolkit, there's no way it can break completely after an orientation switch. Some minor things can occur if you're building something really complex, but, come on, you're not that lazy.

Or, quite often, the complete lack of it. I'm talking here mostly about variables in programming languages, but it can also apply to many other things. Here are some examples:

Ink problems aside, we live in the 21st century, so you have no excuse for not using PDFs instead. Just stop wasting resources.

I don't know, they just won't work for me. Complex ones like {Microsoft ,Libre}Office break everything if you're trying to do something really sophisticated, while simple ones like your favorite note taking app are much less useful and rarely compatible with each other. They also often produce horrendous and barely human-readable plain text (or even worse, binary) markup, which is a pain in the ass to correct by hand. It's easier to just use a plain text editor and type Markdown if you need something simple and HTML+CSS if you need something cool, which I do.