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WARNING: fucked up shit ahead

The content you want to see is mostly just weird but also contains some really disturbing stuff that may not want to see or that may not be appropriate in most contexts.

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2006 to 2018

This is the oldest dream I remember. I drive on a bus to some waterfall, where water falls through some natural stone pillars. The atmosphere was very misty and absolutely not depressive.

I just got rolled over by a giant steel ball on a road. Or maybe I didn't because I woke up too soon.

Random shit with Outlast-like gas chamber door thingies and labs.

I was in a Minecraft superflat sandstone world, which had a small piece of regular terrain surrounded by a world border. Back then I haven't ever heard about the world border feature, so it either hasn't even added at that point or I just didn't know about it.

I was in a poor African village and tried to escape, but some people stopped me in the airport and forced to make a website for a christian doctor that looked like Sheev Palpatine. It looked approximately like this (the text there is, of course, made up, but everything else is as accurate as I could make by wasting 2 hours in GIMP and then wasting a whole day almost 2 years later).

This one is now known as "The Shrek Dream". The sexual intercourse with him happened on my grandma's old couch, and I was in the cowgirl position. I'm not sure what kind of genitals both of us had.