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WARNING: fucked up shit ahead

The content you want to see is mostly just weird but also contains some really disturbing stuff that may not want to see or that may not be appropriate in most contexts.

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just walking fucking outside at night

(most generic shit ever)

someone took off and stole my clothes while I was sleeping on the back seat of an SUV and so i had a mental breakdown


  1. me watching some guy (my relative?) being buried alive with their consent
  2. incomprehensible public transportation shit

(remember something about crimea)

  1. me watching some tv show (cartoon? anime?) where the main hero did something bad to the main villain (a scientist or something that develops some weaponary shit) so he uses his bodybuilder friend to hide dildos and guns inside walls to aim at the main character

(the whole plot was happening in a village of some sort)


i was watching a tv show? playing some shit in? vr

that's it

i don't remember the name but it consisted of two words and the first letters of each were db

that's weird

rendered in some slabbed helvetica-alike + googlish blue

in the begginning it was like this:

some link(from nintendo)-like character running on some horse or shit that can transform into a (white wolf) does some weird shit

also there's a fucking car (without any passengers or the driver) at full speed chasing him

at the end it looked like i sit in a room with 3 fake psychologists and having existential crisis

what the fuck

also the horse was white too

also why the fuck would he need a horse if he can transform and run as a wolf

i remember one of them [psychologists] said i shouldn't weight more than 14 (pounds?)

gotta check how much that is

6.350293 kg



also one of his hands was black or something

i mean it's not tan it's like a n***erhand

[the font] maybe it's roboto slab

looks similar

but the upper parts of the letters were more fucked up

btw this scene [with a Nintendoish character] was in very saturated happy colors

which is unusual

the background looked like a generic mario level or shit with a mountain

okay so i had 3 dreams

remembered almost nothing from them

  1. i'm inside some office with more people and some guy talks about how his wife died in form of a presentation
  2. some video game set in the modern day with the main character being some ~12yo boy

can't say much more

  1. i go to the kitchen grab something that appears to be a shawarma take bite and immediately wake up

and now here i am

[the first dream] okay so there was like a table with people sitting

i was one of them

and also there was a person presenting

i had today 2

  1. random shit that i almost don't remeber

(i'm that there was something related to hooee)

  1. i'm in prison

but the prison more looks like a regular pioneer camp but with cells

also it's supposed to be located in northern england but looks pretty soviet

it the end someone tried to murder me but i ran away

that's it

(i tried to go to the old prison building or something)

3 weeks of travel by train and also some game (presumably made by [the person I was writing to]) with the elements of a farming simulator an rpg and a shooter

also there was some pool with the depth of 0.43 meters and the average iq of a swimmer of 47 but idk what the fuck was that

some khruschevka is being demolished with a construction crane while i seat near and watch

i'm back to shleep

okay no

more details on this

  1. for some reasom our english teacher was there too
  2. they first removed a side wall and placed it above something with the inner side directed outside on which i was sitting
  3. the wall was covered in some black substance and it was really fucking stinky and disgusting
  4. i was sitting literally like 10 meters away from the fence and the khruschevka

scene 1. night car driving in american/european suburbia + supermarket

scene 2. some top-down space shooter type glitched game + fucking andrey nifedov

scene 3. my room + my grandma screaming at me

that's it


but a fucked up one

i'm back to sleep

awake again i am

i had a second dream

but i neee time to remember it


some war shit

video game-like war shit

i remember a insect transforming intro a helicopter

some crystal shit covered in stone inside metallic spheres

and some island or shit

(with bad weather)

i'm not sure if i was a passenger or a captain [on the airplane]

then also grow a beard

and buy roses

2-layer bullshit (dream in a dream)

layer 1: i'm sleeping (makes sense) but not in my apartment (at least it didn't look like it)

layer 2: some indiana jonish adventure shit about some girl with a very fucked up name which i of course forgot

i don't remember much else about the dream but it wasn't as depressive as usual

that's it

idk how but it follows the same scheme as other recent dreams

(dream in a dream)

level 1. some kung fu tv series featuring chin and having nothing to do with hk97 in terms of plot

level 2. me ""irl"" finding some video game somehow related to this

level 3. me "irl" watching a "similar" tv show

what the actual fuck

btw i kinda remember some details

[level 2] the splash screen? had a mario and some cartoon f****t model and some name in the back (probably super smash bros brawl which doesn't make any sense because i've never even googled this game)

[level 3] the name of the show was "king's guard" or some stupid shit like that and expectedly such a common name doesn't yield anything similar upon googling

what the actual fuck (2)

me at home but i have interent problems and apparentlt it's also in minecraft

ihat's tt

some city + some travel ona a shitty japanese train

some airport shit in which i fucked up something with the ticket

it that is

some political shit on the internet

also i feel even worse than before sleeping

some neurocomputer interface shit or something

other than that it was just a regular slice of life shit but with non-[the city I live in]ish architecture

(still looks soviet but more minimalist)

some space station astronaut shit

also [my friend] was there at least in one scene

here's the "plot":

(i only remember only several scenes again)

i'm (for no fucking reason) an astronaut that works on a space station that doesn't resemble iss and also violates and laws of logic in it's design

there was a scene where i'm looking through the window and i can see some fucking building that's on the ground (i just assumed that's normal)

i'm not sure if i was to spacewalk but i remember crawling through some long tube(???) in full suit for some reason

later there was a scene where i sit to the left and [my friend] to the right

somehow i figured out time dilation there (me getting older(/[the person I'm writing to]nger?) than people on earth (how??????))

so we were writing some shit

(i'm not sure if on paper or on a computer)

then the design of the station instantly changes (at least it repaints to dark gray) and i'm jumping from the station to the ground with 5 other people for some reason

so we like scan the territory and one of them finds [my friend]'s grandma(?) and she requests us to take off our suits that for some reason make us bigger (like ant-man)

so after that he handles her and we go back by jumping with extra gas acceleration(?)

2 of them have some problems with that and the rest of us assume they fucked up and didn't jump enough

turns out nope one of them jumped higher than the station and flew back to us somehow

then the theme change again instantly

the other one (probably) has some superpowers and provokes some ogre-looking guy to fight

he requests him to take off his mask because he can see his ugly beard behind it (what the fuck)

at this moment i woke up

(multilevel dream in a dream shit)

level 1. driving in russia and doing random shit in turkey with dad and teleportation

it was weird and scenes barely connect to each other

at the end i look into the mirror and i see that one of my eyes looks improperly

(rotation and size)

level 2. i "wake up" look at the mirror and open [messenger] to write [the person I'm writing to] about the dream

i nearly shit my pants but okay

[level 1] also there were (for some reason) a lot of chinese and dutch people (in supermarkets at least) + it was dark and the atmosphere was borderline horrory

okay some more details:

[level 2] i'm not sure but after looking the second time(?) i've seen the fucked up eye again and i've either seen the same level again but without it and then actually woke up or just actually woke up

[level 1] there was one scene in daylight and it happened in a bank? supermarket? and i had some problems with my credit card so the cashier(?) screamed at me or something

i couldn't fix the problem tho

the supermarkets not only had those but horrible lighting with luminescent lamps and i didn't even buy anything

the moment happened on some metal platform in the outskirt of the city which didn't even have neither the ob river nor the hill and the terrain was completely flat

the sky was dark reddish

idk where the fuck i got a mirror but it was either my smartphone or some cosmetic pack shit with powders and a mirror

me talking to some woman about how they managed to hide a giant robot inside a small room and where did 2 doors go

sliding through the whole fucking building by ducking in a weird pose

i tried to remember more but couldn't

there were 2 more women:

  1. some asian hoe in a red dress with an orchestra? near her
  2. some angry fucker that screamed at me near this room

i cunt remembah more

i forgot it

but i remember someone was chasing me and there was a black jeep

but it wasn't horrory

i forgot it but i remember that it was extremely weird

i remember there was the baby shark melody

but it was another song

and i thought it sounded like it

  1. not sure how old i was
  2. listening to music and watching music related videos on youtube

(the most realistic part)

  1. me going from some forest to (presumably) my home in the village/private sector

[point 3] it was winter and the village/sector was either inside a hollow or surrounded by hills

  1. navalny built 2 bridges using some cool invisible material for the road surface
  2. unrelated summer swimming pool shit

some public transportation shit again

presumably a train or a plane

i couldn't leave the city because i forgot something somewhere

i had no music but the season finally changed to fall

don't remember about the soviet architecture tho

  1. me playing some star wars? film-like video game
  2. me just walking in [the city I live in] but it has some new fucked up buildings
  3. incomprehensible shit

it's complicated

first i watch shrek

(the horror movie)

at least in my dream

and i watch it in the middle of the day

then something happens that i already forgot but i remember it was temporarily night

then it's day again and i go to the shower

i just sit and start thinking about stuff

then just a giant caption "error" appears in my vision with a picture of some old chinese man? colonel sanders? + high pitched noise and i die? lose consciousness?

on level 2 (dream in a dream) i retell [the person I'm writing to] all those events irl

(inclusing that one i forgot)

in the end at this moment it just paralyzes me for some reason

it was weird

okay some minor details

the whole thing happens in my grandma's old house

but it looks nothing like it

the shower for some reason is located in the kitchen

(it's separated from the rest of the room with a curtain)

also it got really darkish when i got into it

the word "error" was dark gray on black background but visible

while it happened i was holding a smartphone with 4chan? on it

at least there was yellowish background and a mashup picture with the facebook version of angry emoji

[shrek] watch on a crt tv

also it appears like night in my thoughts while i retell it to [the person I'm writing to] but it's as i said happened in the middle of the day

yeah also the darkness is not entirely black but blueish everywhere

that's all i could remember i'm back to shleep

[something I forgot] update: it was me doing something in the parking lot of some supermarket

there were either no cars or very few of them

2 layer shit again

someone sends a not-entirely-nsfw gif into the conference

[the person I'm writing to] find its source and it's a youtube video called "98 hentai bdsm techniques"

but it's blocked in russia

so [the person I'm writing to] tell me to use some secret yandex website called

layer 2:

(i'm not sure when it happened in terms of time)

either right after this

(after i open the source)

so on layer 2 i sleep

i have a dream where i go to some underground lake? with my batya

when i try to find the toilet there i go into someone's room

it's messy as fuck and there's no toilet

and also there's a cooling device?

(not fridge it's smaller and closes like a book)

after that i go a level higher and there's some stonehenge-like structure

after that i wake up

tell [the person I'm writing to] about the structure while playing some game

(i'm not sure what game but it was a 3d 3rd person shit and there was a church-like shit)

then i try to play the source video but it loads too slowly and i actually wake up

what the fuck was that

okay i now remembered a scene where i drive a car at night and one where i take a photo of my batya and notice that he's much more fat than usual

also idk where they belong chronologically

some gangster shit but it's a cars (from pixar) movie

i'm back to shlp

me being on a vacation somewhere

the insides of hotel looked kinda familiar but kinda not

i don't remember the outsides so well but there were some rusty metal constructions

in the dream i was collecting my stuff to return home by train (yes train again for some reason)

the train "station" looked suspiciously familiar to a regular tram stop

also i remember some software shit like using some firefox reimplementation? but it barely makes any sense

that's it

the thing happens in a typical american bedroom

it's quiet sunny day and the camera is located above the light-blue checked bed

2 M&Ms (red and yellow which in my case was lime) are talking with a clownfish that levitates on some water

so the clownfish says something about african american people

and one of the M&Ms replies that the clownfish (the kind) effectively controls the government

then some shit starts to inflate to the size of the room

i'm not sure what

then i fake-wake up and a standard trolley irl shit happens

(actually barely remember anything)

only a couple of scenes

  1. something related to living in south africa
  2. some cacti joke
  3. some old lady trying to travel by putting herself and her dog inside an oven and sending the oven by some fucked up mail in which building i was inside

also she somehow fit in like 2 inches of vertical space and the oven was on the whole time

that's it

(two separate dreams not a dream in a dream)

(i remembered some things after i temporarily woke up from them but now nothing)

  1. fucked up nonsensical mashup of the events that happened to me during the day

i remember seeing vcmi (at least the word) there for sure

  1. remotely tony stark looking guy giving a presentation + me having flashbacks in some theater

after that i'm on the bus stop and some random shit happens

i continue having flashbacks + the person who i was apparently with meets another person or something

that's it

i woke up with the feeling that i needed to do something important but idk what the fuck was that

me sitting in my room + random people bringing me some small black bags

also i watch some cringy russian youtuber in the background which doesn't make any sense

some waterpark shit

i remember some slides being outside and some inside

they ranged in sizes a lot and didn't make any fucking sense

also there was some scene were i put on some silicon feet for some reason

also there was a scene in my godfather's old apartment and a couple of supposedly [place where I'm studying in] scenes

the last one was just 2 old women arguing near the blackboard and trying to tell the audience something

layer 1. me my batya and at least someone else are in some small ship which is floating on the water above the fountain in some american/english city and fucked up shit happens

layer 2. i watch (according to the dream) the prequel of jojo part 3 or 2 (not the part before) but it looks nothing like it could look like

game/tv series/something where tony stark gets lost in the desert and starts having hallucinations but in the end gets saved


most of a certain european country becomes part of another european country and everyone is celebrating it

also remember something about [my friend] now knowing how nameapaces work?

btw in that dream there were some more shit on previous layer

something related to 20 year old phone and greece

me browsing filthy frank's website from the 90s


also something related to shitty wallpapers in my room and traveling but i don't remember it

prerry spacy i should say

i'm on a vacation in a hotel and i watch a let's play about some zombie game on youtube

the name of the game was Zombiesome word; probably started with g and the let's play was like 20-40 minutes

in the beginning the main hero drives in his car through the night city

there was something related to electric cars and java for some reason

i don't remember where and how he was attacked but it was a group of like 5 very strong female zombies

later he went inside some khruschevka

in the elevator there were 2 options? idk they were like separated in 2 groups but not actually

the hero died and respawned 2 times so probably those groups were divided randomly

so on first try he went into the group with 4 zombies and got owned instantly

i can't remember the second one and if it even existed

then he's in the group with 1 zombie and for some reason they were going on the roof to battle there

so the zombie needed some sort of electrical equipment to fight the main hero but she notices a giant pile of those so she assumes he bought all of them in the city and gets insanely angry

i woke up in the middle of the battle and i don't remember much

but i'm sure there was a crt monitor going through someone's head

i shleep

too much shit happened but i can't remember anything

but there was something related to time travel minecraft and also ksa1987 for some reason

i'm back to shleep

(3 of them)

all about new york

all are geohraphically and visually inaccurate

linguistically too

configuring some website

makes sense considering that's what i was doing before falling asleep

(one dream not a dream in a dream)

the whole thing is happening in a vast open plain with some huge old buildings

  1. me studying somewhere and they hire professional actors as teachers or something
  2. potentially a lolicon vr game (why)
  3. something that i forgot

one more dream:

some really small soviet town covered in snow located near a cliff

(several dreams but only these remembered)

  1. a giant khruschevka in a horrible condition with parts of the insides visible from the outside because of several huge voids and missing walls; there's a separate "non-living" or something sector which looks even worse and kinda scary
  2. me and my sister in a presumably turkish shopping mall (why)

that's it

  1. walking in some non-existent irl shop on [street name]
  2. the lab building of the [the place I'm studying in] but it's actually an apartment building

i had several ones but barely remember anything

there was one about some person called jayson who could noclip out of reality and he fucked up everything

there was one about the consequences but i can't remember anything

and there was one where i just browse reddit & youtube


it's fucked up

some relatives gift me nintendo switch for some reason

i start to develop some shit for it

then suddenly we leave

but because the old car that was left? is not closed we have to get back

also there was a crawling scene

probably crawling in shit

is kinda fucked up

according to the plot i've spent 2 days in the dream

(which isn't true ofc)

and today's dream is a continuation of yesterday's

which is actually today's

i'm not sure where each one starts and ends so fuck it

so i watch some live action tv show

and it's supposed to be somehow related to avatar

(the american animated series not the blue one)

i remember the scene with a village welcoming some russian people? and they mention [president]'s full name at least 3 times i like 11 seconds

and the scene was supposed to be happening in the "old times" or something so i thought it was weird

so in i suppose the end of the episode the main heros (a boy and a girl i think) that looked something between the actual avatar heroes and russian homeless people get put into a cave as a punishment?

i remember the walls growing or something

then i remember an irl scene

i'm not sure if it's supposed to be on level 1 or level 2

so the background is the entrance to the four hundred and minus first room

i prepare and eat some food for some reason which i took in a plastic bag apparently

so then there's a continuation of the avatar shit and i suppose level 2 shit where i wake up (but it's for some reason the middle of the day) and my [messenger] app is broken or something

so then the app scene happens again on level 1 i think like "what the fuck was all that" and just wake up; the whole dream kinda had sad vibes + panic shit in the end but the events are complete fucking nonsense

soviet entertainment park



playing some homm3 mod/fork/lookalike


extreme multi-level shit which i almost completely forgot

there was something about some powerful guy and also nintendo characters later for some reason

in any case h

something related to math lessons africa and silver

(at the same time)

there was something related to shrinking and enlarging objects parallel universes (no it wasn't fucking avengers endgame) and for some reason windows 10 but i don't remember the details

me preparing to fly to rhode island (for a 2 day vacation) which apparently is a country and not a us state and is located somewhere in southern europe

also there i had some t-shirt with a fucked up world map where every continent is distorted and africa(?) is fucking missing

some weird shit

(tv series/video game)

i believe it was related to jojo

so there are multiple universes? in which the characters have ablities to control different kind of things in each one and you can move into the next universe after completing? the previous one

i'm not entirely sure how it works

i barely remember anything but 2 scenes:

white obama in the intro to the 6th episode/chapter/location/whatever

villain battles with the main character

v. tells m.c. to show him the insides of his anal cavity but he refuses

v. tells that m.c. has lost but m.c. replies with something (his jaw is broken or something)

so for some reason iggy appears in the background and jumps to the m.c. and v. refuses to beat him

what the fuck was that

some zombie apocalypse shit


don't remember shit

there was something related to hk97 and nuclear weapons but idk how

some [place where I'm styuding in] shit

but there's a metro station going through the 4th floor

and also i have a severe panic attack on an english class

and also [my friend] plays minecraft (what?)

me watching a 90s animated series and its live action remake

not sure about the genre and details

i can remember only 2 characters: a fat guy and a girl with blue hair

both are probably not connected to each other

the fat guy lives in a detached house and some fucked up shit happens there

there was something related to middle east time travel and ant-man shit

but i'm not sure how

i'm back2shleep

me watching non-existent youtube videos

the videos were random and had some gameplay in the background

random city shit

me staying in some hotel

which looks pretty soviet

also [the person I'm writing to] is transgender

(yes i'm fucking serious)

i'm not sure about any other details

i'm back 2 shleep


similar hotel shit in the dreams

just as fucked up



that's it

  1. the original star wars trilogy but the plot was edited by me (i guess at least)

i can only rememer that obi wan turned out to be a villain

  1. i was put in a mind of a 7th grader and a body of a 2nd grader (what?) and i guess i study or something
  2. i still study but probably not in the same configuration and insanely fucked up shit happens

also there were the avengers(?) with bags of shit in the end