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there were 3 of them 2 of which i forgot

i falsely woke up and was retelling them here but for some reason by writing in paint and drawing crappy anime shit

in the dream i remembered a guy lived near a lake in moscow

even in the summer it was too cold to swim in there so he put a swimming pool inside the lake

somehow i had a sense of temperature and it wasn't actually cold outside the pool

working as a trolleybus conductor with [friend]'s mom as a partner

i jumped on the trolleybus nearly late and when i did it it was early morning

his mom prolly didn't look true to life but she was slim and looked pretty old and wrinkly

i didn't even know the schedule so i asked her

we stopped on some stop (and it was already day somehow) and she went to ask someone

the driver however didn't stop driving and started going in circles around the place (i'm not sure if we had any passengers at this point)

he started going only faster and faster and in the end we were flying through the air

i woke up just before we crashed into the ground

there was another dream where my dad and i were going somewhere but i don't remember anything except that there was something about shoes

first i was in some waterpark with the slides going around the walls

i'm not sure how the whole thing could serve more than one person on a slide on a time but whatever

i was there for some time then i went to another section of the park where there was a model of a ship from which you should jump off

i think there were several such ships and some of the groupmates were there

everything went fine until i realized that one of my former classmates (i think her name is anya) is dead (but not irl)

i went to her house and yes she was indeed dead according to her relatives

then i went home and while i was walking i was thinking about how my grandma wants me to marry a straight white woman and have children with her while i don't want that

when i arrived home there was some guy on my computer (with the monitor i gave my sister for some reason) working on music

i somehow agreed to gift him my computer and leave only the laptop for myself and started preparing to install windows on the thing

then i started discussing the waterpark thing with the groupmates

not sure in what conference because there were some people that are not in our local one

it was pretty generic except one message about the sexual orientation

the whole thing ended with someone discovering a link to some teacher's profile or a video or whatever

i had an ability to fly

or more like minecraft levitation effect

(yes i did have to look up the name because i forgot)

i was arguing with my sister because of where to pirate anime

also she was bought a crappy $100 laptop or something

in the end i was reading some portable linux stuff

i think i just remembered another dream

it was about kirby trying to defeat thanos

thanos had a hammer like king dedede and he could throw things far away with it

the first one was about a movie

a guy time traveled to the past to prevent the death of his grandpa but it led to a series of events that caused the creation of a mecha robot capable of destroying the whole planet

the guy controlling the robot was kinda young and cartoonishly evil and he was somehow defeated but i don't remember how

it appears that i was somehow involved in the creation of the movie because of the grandpa thing and i remember editing a part of the final battle or something

the next dream was about several movies

i don't remember the plot but they were sci-fi comedies

they had "another planet" or something in their names and there were 3 of them + 4th one going to be released in 2050

the main actors were the guy who played emmett brown from back to the future and the guy from a ukrainian comedy group named chekhov's duet

the main movies involved shrinking and getting inside the planet's core and in the trailer of the 2050 movie they recieved an email that suggested them to go to 2034 to do something

it was about a vr video game called something like together forever

it was a horror game but implemented in the style of warioware

you sign up for a period of time (a month) and every day you get mini games (web pages puzzles or shit) that scare the shit out of you

the concept sounds kinda funny but in the dream it was really kinda scary

  1. i was given a laptop with a couple of accessories and a textbook and was told to draw some primitive shit
  2. people asking something each other about the minecraft's credits

something related to linux display managers

i think i was presenting them to a person i know

also there was a scene where i saw ubuntu with gnome 40

overall the dream had a pleasant vibe too bad i barely remember it

just remembered that there was also a secene where my latest reddit post got over 600 upvotes

it would be really cool if it did

preparing to buy new furniture and [medication]

my relatives weren't happy about the last one but fuck 'em

the furniture included a new table and pillows you can jump on

watching andrei nifedov

he looked very different from irl

like he has seen some shit

his channel was basically dead with intervals between videos of like a year

i've seen a couple of gameplay videos

he played a surreal super mario 64 like game

he also had a video of a person jumping to a pool edited like he's being eaten by a shark or something

first i was somewhere in russia with my dad

i guess we were on a vacation

an accident almost happened where we almost drove off a cliff but otherwise it was fine

then i was in turkey

i was writing down my experience on website and was going to make a separate website for it

then i was back at home i guess

i browsed the website of 2 people

they both were developers and had 90s styled websites where they described their lifes in great detail

just remembered that in the russia part of the dream we at one moment were i a town with a weird name and a groupmate was there too

  1. preparing to come out to the class

while i was doing it i was with some friends in a school doing some weird shit

  1. playing a video game

it was an undertale-like rpg and was about a little boy with some powers or something

there was a scene where he was in a house filled with dogs

  1. watching a movie

i only remember the end

there was a child who had an ability to do something with dreams

he broke into someone's house and shot them with their own pistol while they were sleeping

he then also killed his own mother and dog and put them into pickle juice

i was put into a train car at night and was told to do something

i think i was also with another person at first

with each new station it was slowly getting better

i mean there was light and i could go onto a different route

doing some shit in the terminal

it was related to the websites of unus annus and whang

the last one had a fake name and the website itself was pretty interesting

there was some custom renderer of something implemented

i also remember a scene of being on some balcony and one of bying a slice of pizza in new york

  1. doing something cool in the terminal

  2. talking to my foreign friends which i wish i had irl

  3. an accident happened of some guy burning himself at the airport and it somehow affected us

  1. i was a girl?
  2. canteen + something related to trains and time travel
  3. designing a desktop environment

there were 2 buildings one of which was somehow related to me

the one that wasn't became a tourist attraction but mine didn't because of architecture or some shit

also it was closed in the end i think and me and the guys were going there

the whole thing reminds me of a certain politician's residence

we were moving into another apartment so were in the process of moving things

on my computer i had a gnome-like de installed and some weird shit was happening to it

the clipboard and some critial component were connected in a non-obvious way

also several groupmates were there

just remembered that a groupmate and i were comparing our cock sizes

mine was bigger

first i was watching some really weird youtube videos

they were from some japanese tv show about technology

then i started searching for hentai but on some completely unrelated website

then i started making up a concept for a jjba-like show

it was about a punky boy who was living under an opressive military government and he was resisting against it

he and other people had a super power of being able to use math to modify the real world

like they could move through the walls become invisible and battle each other

how successful they were at that depended on their level

there was violent masturbation

i forgot everything else already

first of all i had an ability to fly and it lasted through all of the dreams

  1. some village

we were playing some game which objective was to knock out the opponent's construction with snowballs

the construction itself was supposed to built out of books or similar small things you had in possession and there could be the maximum of 13 of them

there was also something related to linux stuff like ksh and it was said by some old guy idk i was visiting him or something

  1. nearby of my apartment

here i was just using my ability to fly

sometimes it was glitching out and i couldn't fly because i was doing something wrong

like i had to feel a certain way to activate the ability

  1. a giant sex product exhibition

it was really really big like the size of a shopping mall and also pretty high

my mom and sister were there which was really weird

there were separate 18- and 18+ sections and they were in the first one

my mom was on a trampoline (why) and the sister was somewhere

in the 18+ section i witnessed a collection of wooden dildoes and a waterpark with pornography printed out on paper and sticked to the walls with duct tape

in addition to flying i had an ability to "search" like you know in a browser by pressing ctrl+f

all of the people were wearing swimwear and none were masturbating luckily

some people were underage which is pretty bad

i think there was a smooth transition between dream 1 and 2 and i was dressing in something funky

also in dream 3 i was anxious about having a penis

new dreams:

i forgot most of them

should've recorded them earlier

  1. video game that involved killing your own dad

he was a villain or something idk

there was a scene where he was destroying buildings all by himself

  1. badcomedian review

it was about a russian sci-fi movie

it featured awful cgi and stolen footage

i think the review also was in english

  1. so-called CentOSOS

it was a demo of creating a perfect world development timeline and at the same time an operating system ui

not sure how it makes sense

i was at the presentation of the thing and one girl there was really unhappy about it

i think i even had to stop her

  1. me getting transformed into a cyborg

but it wasn't all that simple because it involved time travel and multiple timelines

i think first my mind was uploaded into a chip that was put into a strawberry

then a mini robot was created and i was supposed to get an implant but idk it kinda didn't happen

so in another timeline i was successfully a cyborg but there were some villains and i and some other people had to battle them

i think that's about it but i'll try to remember more

i remembered a couple of scenes

  1. my grandma telling me that my pants are dirty
  2. something related to my website
  3. inviting [friend] to [local conference] (which i should prolly do sometime)
  4. something related to gnome 40

new dreams:

  1. neocities

first there was a discussion website for neocitizens

it was divided by topics i think

also it was made by jackomix or a similar guy

second there was a meeting of people in some mansion

i was there i think but i don't remember much

  1. space

there were people working on a space station

i can't say much else because i forgot it

there was probably something about aliens or some weird experiments but i'm not sure

  1. a story of 2 regular guys becoming astronauts

there was also something related to 2 certain russian politicians

the story ended half way and i didn't see if they became astronauts in the end or not

  1. people sending me nudes

but fucking why

first a groupmate sent me random hentai in vk

then i think she sent nudes in telegram

then a former classmate dis the same

it turned out she had a penis but otherwise hasn't changed much

just remembered there was a scene where i was pirating gunbuster again

which i should probably do

it was about a dystopian new york

the old monarch's son was going to be inagurated or something

some bad actors were going to not let that happen

some real fucked up shit happened but i don't remember it already

in the end the guy was piloting a giant mecha with his friend

okay now when i read it it doesn't seem to make sense

maybe i misremembered something

new dreams:

  1. some kind of russian city

i think it was chelyabinsk

i was in the suburban area and was going to go to the center

both areas were like standalone towns separated by empty fields

they were connected by some kind of ropeway

i took a ride on it and it was extremely unsafe

you kinda had to seat on it but you also had to grab it

also when you arrive it takes some time for it to decelerate

the center of the city looked pretty regularly

there were some big soviet buildings but i think they looked like they were from kazakhstan or something

in the suburban part there was a lake and i think i was doing some weird shit there

  1. making some art project

i was near the same lake but it was now in an open field with a single road

also it was night

the project was displayed on a tall shield standing near the lake

i think i was also streaming it because there were viewers

also my sister was somehow involved in it

  1. surreal space filled with shops

it was like if you generated a minecraft world consisting of one large village

i was riding a similar ropeway but it was even more unsafe

you had to grab it with one hand i think

also when it decelerated you bumped into some shit

i'm not sure what i was doing there but i used some computers to find stuff online

  1. [friend]'s house

we first were playing different versions of gta

i think we were trying to recreate a map

the map looked pretty russian there were a gas station and a garage

then we went to sleep but his friends started annoying me

we were sleeping on multi-story bed and i was on the highest level

i somehow turned off their sound via an android-like ui

also i think on the outside the house looked like my grandma's old one

also i think i messed up the order and dreams 2 and 3 should be swapped

[friend] and [his gf] were there

i think there were several dreams and they appeared in all of them

in one we were in some restaurant

i think it was a russian restaurant and we spoke english

it either was a vacation or an alternative universe

i'd probably say the latter

in another dream i was doing some stupid shit and they were looking down on me for doing it

i think it was also an alternative universe but a different kind

  1. i was looking for the first android phone

i think it was called t-mobile a1

i think in the end i found it on avito

i went to the guy selling it and the apartment building was kinda weird

it had 11 floors but there kinda was the 12th floor on which he lived

the elevator just fucking turned left after reaching the top of the building

i'm not sure if i got the phone in the end

i was planning to install android x86 to test some shit in case it fails

  1. choosing where to live

pretty self explanatory

one of the places was near where i'm currently living and one was in the center

i think there was a friend with me

also there was something related to jojo

i guess i was watching it on the same time

it was probably part 4 because there was something about creating life

  1. space station controversy

so there was created a space station that could protect us in case of an alien attack

it hadn't been used once for obvious reasons so it was used as a tourist attraction where they could play

apparently the station could be controlled not only by humans but also by animals

but the administration of the station decided to only allow humans to do it

so yeah that's basically what the controversy was about

  1. i'm in [obscure town in my region]

but it looked more like moscow

i'm not sure what i was doing there

  1. random scenes

there were a couple of scenes where a police officer buys something in a small shop to test if they're doing something illegal

a scene where the humanity has died or something and the last humans left are on a space ship in an alien star system

several scenes where i was doing some weird shit on google maps

  1. another space station

it was famous for allowing tourists there so i was thinking like "it would be really cool if i went there right"

so i started watching a youtube video where a girl has a talk about why she was rejected

it was a pretty interesting talk but in the end it turned out that the tests required to get on the station are really strict and there's no chance i can pass them

new dreams:

i almost forgot everything

  1. trying to take a shit between the classes

to do that you had to know your number in the wardrobe and get some token

[friend] gave me some toilet paper

in the restroom there were 4 toilets and 3 of them were visible because the door was transparent

i think in the end i took a shit and everything was fine

also there probably were cameras inside the restroom because we later discussed how [friend] didn't wipe his ass good enough

the whole dream had a depressive atmosphere

  1. doubting if i really want to be a girl

not sure if it even was a dream

that's it i can't remember shit now

there were for sure two more dreams

i remember that our application programming teacher was there but not what he was doing

also one dream had a dystopian atmosphere

i think there was something related to gnome 40

new dream:

so it was supposedly in the center of the city

i think we lived there but in a detached house and not an apartment

we had guests from [the bigger city nearby] and it was pretty late

when they left it was already night and i was doing shit on my computer

suddenly my dad came up to me and told me that he's gonna take away all of my stuff and kick me the fuck out if i don't do something for him

so he put me in a giant barrel with a switch that separated the insides into 2 containers

i was supposed to sit inside quietly and toggle the switch

first we went to a gas station and then to the milk vendor

i'm not sure what the fuck was that but in the end i was pretty traumatized

also i somehow covered in gasoline so my dad told me to use wd40 to wash it off

i was thinking of writing about it in my diary but was scared that he finds out about it and beats me up

when i woke up i was so glad that it was just a dream

  1. having sex with someone

the way she looked reminded me of my sister

i hope it wasn't her or that'd be extremely fucked up

i was disgusted by this thing happening and was going to not write it down

which means i knew it was a dream

weird shit

in any case i was not only disgusted that she reminded me of my sister but also that i had to use my cock

  1. something

the only thing i remember is that it involved [friend] and [his gf]

  1. i was put in prison with [groupmate]

i was on a vacation abroad or something and there were protests in russia

when i arrived back i got arrested right in the airport

the prison was pretty weird because i was given a phone but it didn't have internet access

so like i had discord but could only access in-prison servers

also the cellmates were really weird

half of them were downright insane

i think someone tried to kill me once

in any case [groupmate] and i somehow managed to escape but we were caught nearly instantly

then after like a week and several cell changes i was finally released

i thought i'd get put there for several years because of trying to escape but nah

  1. at my grandma's

i had no internet but there was a giant piece of cardboard i was playing with

i learned that in china they had a completely square banknote

not sure what this dream even means

  1. planning to build a church

i was at home but we supposedly had a dacha or some piece of land

i was planning to build a "church" there or something

basically a place you can sit at

my relative was going to help me

first there were several dreams about a hotel

it was on an island but i'm not sure in which country

it was famous for not updating their design since opening but i'm not sure if that's true

the hotel had a big pool right in front of it and consisted of one big curvy building

at some point i had an ability to fly but decided not to fly too far so i don't get lost

just remembered that there was a map and it said gibraltar

idk which country that is still but whatever

so the several dreams were different timelines where things went differently for the hotel

in one it went ape shit and everything got destroyed in one it was mediocre and in one it was brilliant

i don't remember much detail

this was surely the first couple of dreams but i'm not sure about the order of the other ones

  1. different people speedrunning some game

i'm not sure if it was 3d or 2d but it was probably a beat em all or whatever the genre is called

it was based on a real life game but unluckily i can't think of which one

  1. i was on a vacation riding some spinning shit

apparently it was not so simple and there was some background

so i was with my friends and there were 2 versions of the dream where things again went slightly differently

  1. playing some video game

it reminded me of an avgn review

it was prolly on nes and had extremely uncomfortable graphics

it had a top down view and was about some sci-fi shit

forgot to mention but in the second dream i used my mind as a clipboard if that makes sense

also i upgraded to android 10 and it improved something

okay also i was prolly playing minecraft with those friends

it's hard to tell because it looked realistic

so that's all i remember

i think there were at least 2 more dreams but we have what we have

  1. neocities

it had a much simpler black on white 1.0 design

also there were such features as website reviews and chat

most of the sites were random except one where some girl asks a bunch of questions and possibly macedev

i answered to the first one with just "No." in the review

kyle drake had an important role in this dream so i probably contacted him or something

  1. a game by valve

it was basically a real life simulator

the whole game depended on how you start and continue it

i remember a couple of scenes

a beginning on the game where i was some 70s guy in a band

a middle of the game where i'm on some public square and it had kde marked buildings

an ending of the game where i had to kill some girl so something terrible doesn't happen

an ending where i had to blow up a giant laboratory

it had portal 2 vibes

the game had an ability to save at any point which i actively used

at some point i tried to recreate my life there but got bored and started googling interesting things about the game instead

the game had the word sim in its name

something like ssim or simsim

  1. dreams i forgot

there were like 2 of them maybe

but i do remember one scene where i open up the messages and there are over a thousand new messages from [friend]

new dreams:

  1. trains

i was riding them

there was a black girl with me

not sure what she was doing

  1. ptoilet

that's the name of the game

i was trying to find it but apparently it got removed

because it used a proprietary algorithm for calculating some shit

there were at least 4 dreams between them

i tried to recall them but failed

there was something related to my family and music in one of them

probably the 4th one

it was my old school but with current groupmates

specifically [friend] was sitting next to me on a couch

we had cursive writing lessons and they were so bad i thought about killing myself

considering the couch i'm not sure what kind of classroom it was

on some point i think we were on the roof and the couch was hanging of it

oh i remembered another dream

[another friend's gf] allowed me to look at her phone

it was an android phone but it could transform into a dumb phone

like it had a touchscreen and slidable buttons

hey another dream

it was about neocities

a redesign was made available to registered users

it used a light green palette and had more elements

also i forgot to pay the monthly fee so i got a notification

it was about an nes game that was apparently a prequel to tus

but it looked nothing like it

i think i've seen an avgn review about it or a related game

also he was fat for some reason

also there was a hacker news post discussing it

  1. some controversy about twosetviolin

there was an apology video

  1. trying to quietly mastrubate in the bathroom while my relative doesn't let me to


it was about parallel worlds

like some people had an ability to go into one and do something there

i think i was one of them assuming i even was a protagonist there

i think there was a family in that world with which i contacted

i don't remember any details

also there was a cute lizard

i called it a gecko but it was another species

i think it happened near a lake in the real world and in the parallel world we were driving somewhere

and the plot was about losing a thing in the parallel world or something

video games

there were 2 nes games with extremely hard bosses

prolly they were mario hacks

there was also a modern game

i saw it in first person so it was prolly a vr game

there were weird challenges like climbing an extremely tall ladder

i was playing with some friends and i was the only one to complete this one

later we went into some gaming club

there were a couple of interesting games there which i played

i think there was 1 friend with me

the dream had more interesting scenes but i already forgot them

too much shit

i forgot the vast majority of it

  1. vacation in turkey

i remember going to the beach

nothing out of ordinary happened i think

  1. making up the plot for that one secret writing project

i think i made it really similar to the star wars trilogy

the main character's power were progressively growing just as the villain's

also it was mostly in space which doesn't work well with what i already made up

there was a chemical that was giving the main character power and was used by the villain for their shit

so essentially unobtanium but it was called something like suggestium

the story begins with pigeons in japan dying and ends with the universe collapsing

pretty cool i'd say

  1. some self-aware bullshit

like i was sleeping during the day there while i was actually sleeping during the day

there were at least 3 of them but i forgot all of them

the one i remember is about supertux

i installed a mod that made it look like super mario world

i was changing the controls to match retroarch

also i set up savestate controls which the game doesn't even have

new dreams:

  1. [friend] was there

i think i was a guess at his house

the story somehow involved his cupboard or something

  1. illegally learning to drive

first we were near some village

my dad just lended me his car

i had problems with turning on the headlights and turning

the car itself had bicycle pedals instead of regular ones

so instead of driving on a regular road we decided to go to an isolated one

so you know they can't fine me for not having a driving license

pretty sure that's not how it works irl but whatever

so the road we went to was controlled by some libertarians

it was protected by a single guy with a gun and there were several other guys that were handling clients i guess

there was a giant very steep mountain on which i was supposed to drive

it didn't even have pavement and had just random shit on like like pieces of wood

i knew that it'd be impossible for me to survive driving on this shit so i told it to one of the guys

he told me that everything's alright and i shouldn't worry

i'm not sure if i did actually drive there because i don't remember it happening

but i do remember leaving the whole thing discussing politics with someone and seeing other clients

  1. driving to grandma with my dad and mom

there was a problem because of which i couldn't

so they promised that i can go to her tomorrow

while we were driving we encountered "edinburgh university"

it looked like a shop inside a khrushchevka with a green logo

avgn reviewing some games

there were more dreams but i forgot

one of the games was donkey kong for nes and another was a 3d first person shooter for nes too

i think i watched him while being in a meat shop near my house

just remembered there was a dream involving my laptop

i mean not the laptop i have but a similar one

if i were to write them down just a little bit ago i would remember everything

in any case they had seamless transitions into each other

  1. going to supermarket with my sister

i was running in to fast and broke the cupboard

the staff started screaming at me and told me that it was hella expensive

i thought like "hey why don't i just wake up now so they can't do anything to me"

and i woke up

  1. playing with my game boy

it was apparently game boy color but it was shaped like game boy advance

it was purple and had only 2 letter buttons (b and a)

the games were stored on micro sd cards so i was going to pirate them

i was going to play some platformers which i played before but not irl

i think those games were from my previous dreams

  1. bad guys vs good guys

maybe it was a movie because i don't remember doing anything

it happened in moscow i think because it looked like russia but not so bad

the bad guy did a lot of damage but luckily the good guys kicked his ass but the whole thing was still not over for some reason

i'm not sure what their super powers were but they were probably just punching very hard

because i think the main bad guy was related to some fucker from one punch man

the one that wad a hero hunter or whatever

basically he was one too

  1. star wars?

i was darth vader but it also kinda happened in russia

i remember flying into a devastated supermarket which was probably destroyed by us

also there was a scene where i was talking to bobba fett about something

we also maybe even battled to train

the empire wad supposed to make a perfomance or a video saying "hey we're not the bad guys please relax"

i was somehow involved in it and we fucked everything up

the public didn't recieve it well but who the fuck cares if we were the empire

  1. programming something

it was probably still moscow but i wad near some monument of a gun

i was doing illegal things like flying and using the first person mode but not sure why

meanwhile i was voice chatting with my master or whatever

i suspect that he was baako because he had an old man's voice and was probably related to palpatine considering the previous dream

while flying above the river i remembered about a program called "rp" for ms dos and was thinking about reimplementeting it in go

the program did some basic thing that was related to low level dos stuff but i don't remember precisely

then i had a thought about implementing a something that would appear to be a wayland compositor or a gui toolkit

and yeah i woke up before even choosing if i can actually implement it

andrei nifedov

i was watching his videos

it was either his band playing or him eating stuff with his friends

  1. college stuff

i mean maybe because i barely remember it

some dramatic stuff was happening and i also had an ability to fly

to college looked more like a soviet school

no actual groupmates or college locations appeared there

  1. homm3

i was playing it on an snes

for some reason the game was a sidescroller but the battle scenes were like in the original

some weird shit happened to the colors so i had to adjust them in my emulator

i think i was playing with several people or they were just watching me

the map i played heavily reminded me of super mario world

  1. neocities

every site had an additional roblox-like 3d world and i was exploring them

also neocities themselves apparently worked on some proprietary services of netlify so there were special tools for your website

some guy in the comments sent it to me and i also got a bunch of unrelated comments

the comments were structured hierarchically in contrast to how they actually are

my sister asked to make her a website so i was registering an account for her

  1. taking an exam to become an employee of a church

i mean a monk a pope or something

i did the whole thing pretty easily compared to other participants

they even wrote down some of my answers as outstanding

but for some reason right after getting employed i commited some sin and got fired

and i did it on purpose

  1. one punch man episode

not much to say here

our databases teacher being angry at me

there was something about gnome developers a grandma and me being on vacation

specifically i remember a scene from the hotel and a scene where i walk in a lake

i think it involved teleportation

in the gnome part of the dream there was something about stairs

like they used a staircase to climb somewhere and they were "updating" it?

the grandma had a twitter acount and her nickname was something like @jack

at some point in the dream i played video games

i think it was a physical nes

also as you can notice by how i describe everything the dream was messy and scenes weren't too discrete

just remembered there was a vagina-like plant

like in that caravan palace video

  1. i'm at some shop

i was supposed to select some shit on the display with the mouse and keyboard

somehow i managed to break the keyboard in half but it was still functional

also there was a scene where i was making a photoshop mashup of some sort

  1. horror game

sort of similar to outlast

it had a level select screen similar to mega man

one of the levels was a swimming competition

also you could cheat in one by creating a minecraft world or something

  1. trying out new pantheon from elementaryos

it was apparently a beta based on gnome 40 and the ui was fucked up

like it had 3 workspace switchers and other shit

also it was easier to launch from the command line

  1. some sort of competition

the first round was running

our english teacher was there and i had a camera to record the whole thing

somehow you were allowed to take a bus instead of running which i did and lost time

  1. walking with a bull

yes an actual animal on a leash

it was late at night and i was going to random places

i wasn't happy about it because it was harded to walk so idk what i was expecting

  1. writing a screenplay

it was some sort of slice of life story with multiple unrelated characters

at that moment i was writing a scene where they had sex or something

probably there were other dreams but i forgot them

[friend's gf] offered me to have sex and i denied

that's fucked up and it's the only scene i remember by now

there was a scene where i was chilling in a pool

it was located in a cave of some sort and was pretty deep

i did some weird shit online including ordering a killer for a random person for $200

i was drunk so i couldn't remember shit but according to the video records i was screamed at

also there was a scene with spongebob-like buildings in a mall

i was in some sort of mall and was looking through a catalog

i was looking for point and click games but there were none despite all of other games being casual

i even tried the search function (how) but it yielded nothing

maybe it was because the whole thing was in russian and i typed the name of the genre in english

in any case i didn't find shit and decided to search somewhere else

i went to the shop nearby and it appeared that they did sell video games

i asked the cashier to find me some point and click games and she said that they had one

she brought me a whole game console and started unpacking it from the cardboard box

the console was basically a red crt tv with a built-in computer meant to run a single game

the computer ran freebsd with libwayland but different from the irl library with the same name

it was something like wlroots meaning it was a compositor not a protocol library

she said the console was made by a russian developer in 2017 and it surprised me that they used wayland back then

then the game itself loaded and it wasn't quite what i was i expecting

it was in low resolution and was using only like 16 colors which looked as if it was a game for an early pc

the game itself was a story about some boy going into the forest and doing some shit

it was in 3rd person and you could move the character which makes no sense for a point and click game

weird shit was happening between levels like a giant baby appearing on the screen and exploding

i completed the whole game in the shop while sitting on the floor with the cashier

i was ranting sort of like avgn during the whole thing and she was listening to me

in the end i said that the game kinda sucked and i expected something better

then it suddenly switched into the 3rd person i was replaced by some guy in his 30s

she said that she was recording my rant and showed a vhs tape

the guy pulled in his adam's apple changing his voice into a more feminine one

i guess he was like "nope that absolutely wasn't me"

i was failing my exams

it was either english or russian i'm not sure

you had to write a story or something based on given info

there were several tasks like this and i couldn't do any

i had a mental breakdown but they offered me another attempt

i think i still couldn't do shit

there was a scene where i was near a mall and i was flying

new dream:

i was somewhere and i was satisfied about it

i forgot everything else because some fucker woke me up

oh shit i remembered other dreams

  1. weird shit

i was consuming fan-made gunbuster content

i think it had a demo version and i found out how to unlock the full one

i also found out the author and i think i've met them

he was a fat guy with eyeglasses

also there was a scene where i was shitting in a port-o-potty

it was a weird one because there was no hole and the feces were supposed to be washed off

  1. movie/video game about fish

or maybe not fish but underwater humans or something

i think you could become one using the arthur and the invisibles method

basically there was a giant underwater city and a story was told about it

i was controlling a protagonist that looked like the main guy from shark tale

there was a subway system and i think i was employed at a restaurant

i also had an ability to record and save videos so i guess i had a camera or something

at the end of the dream i and some other guys were at a parkour stage and there were secrets

it was some sort of video game

it was in 3d and was about the main character getting into a parallel dimension

i don't remember anything about it expect that the was an undyne-like character

i mean a strong armored woman that wants to fight you

i'm not sure if she was a human but she had green armor

there was another video game after i finished this one

i woke up before the first cutscene ended

it was about a guy surviving on his own in a deserted forest in the winter

he had a talking robot head with him that was annoying him

it looked like c3po's but was transparent

  1. interfering with a perfomance

it was in the college i think and they invited random artists

so they were preparing or something and i think it happened in the basement

i just ran in there and started doing random shit

i'm not sure if i got kicked out by the end

  1. waterpark?

it was still related to college and there were random students

so it was their project or something like this i'm not sure

there were slides of course and they needed compressors running which were controlled by the students

i had some fun sliding down with people but then came back there after it was closed to see how it worked

  1. weird shit

basically it was several dreams mixed together with seamless transitions

so basically a fever dream

so first there was an alternative take from star wars the last jedi

there were more cool space scenes and in the main battle scene the main characters just fucking kill themselves

they ram their ship into the first order's at-ats and i guess both of them die

then suddenly it was not about star wars but about a war on mars between 2 colonies

basically they sacrificed themselves but saved some chick that became their leader later

she had a star warsish name and when the battle happened she was a child

there was a scene with futuristic mars shit who cares

then it transitioned to mars scenery which somehow became british scenery

it was a deserted beach with rocks reinforced by metal

it was supposed to be old london but it looked more like a random prehistoric town

so there was a railway running through this place and there were manholes in the rails that you could swim in

there were supposedly no trains running but i still decided not to risk because it'd dangerous

then there was a segment about a built-in communication system into those rails

like they could recieve electric signals and you could call people with it

it was apparently most actively used in the 80s but that sounds absurd

there was a scene where a grandma on a train was calling someone and it was a demonstration of some sort

you had 2 phone dials on each side of your sit and you had to properly use them in the right order

so i guess it was something along the lines of the fact that they have 2 different water taps in britain but more ridiculous

there were 2 more scenes but i'm not sure how they fit this dream

one was about me finding videos from my old youtube channel reuploaded

i cringed and closed the thing and decided to watch it later

it happened sort of like between the mars and britain thing but idk how

i was lying on a beach alone with my phone when it just happened

the other scene was from a star wars-like show and i have no clue how it fits there

so it was basically a darth vader - palpatine kind of trope but i'm not sure if they were the good or the bad guys

some shit happened and they had to contact their palpatine which would be extremely angry about it

both of the bosses were again strong armored undyne-like women and the mainer one was in her own room

why do i even get them in my dreams

do i like strong women so much

in any case that's about it with my dreams

it was about a 90s style linux de

i tried to implement window shadows

i pushed the changes to git but later i fucked up and rolled back to a very old commit and didn't know how to go back

i think there also was an irl scene where i was walking somewhere


playing mario

it was allegedly a sequel to smb1 but if was different

it reminded me of some game boy game

alao before that there was a weird dream

idk how to even describe it

like i could make some shit happen and it was related to the person's dreams?

idk but it was in a hotel of some sort and i got my ass kicked for using this ability

  1. it was about an avgn episode from february 2005

it was about nes and the episode looked pretty modern

i think i've only seen like 2 seconds of the episode

  1. walking through an american town

it looked pretty deserted like no one lived there since the 80s

i was talking with some guy over the phone

he was talking about monitors and connecting stuff to them

i think i was going to buy a dendy or something

  1. going with my dad somewhere

he was driving the car and everything was pretty chill

don't remember much else

okay wait i do

it was about a lake

it was a few kilometers outside the city

the lake was pretty shitty and guarded by police for some reason

i think i refused to swim there

  1. video game about time travel

it had a top-down view and nes-like graphics

there were generic enemies and cool bugs where you could clip through the walls

there were 2 main characters a teenager and his grandpa

also they had a friend bob (with a nickname drawie) that was born in 1944

they lose his friend while one of time travels

later 2 films were shot based on this game

  1. working on the group project

i was adding some really weird shit to the viewer

that's about it

  1. i forgot my password

or rather couldn't type it properly

i used windows 7 and ubuntu

  1. 2 people with stands fighting

i think there was something about an earring allowing the villain to weaken his opponent

  1. something about password hashing

  2. platformer video game

sort of like supertux but with kirby/mario vibes

writing a chat app

minecraft building competition

we were given a limited amount of time to build a minigame

then we were looking at each other's works

i think [friend] was with me

also irl we were having a party of several people

and i guess the minecraft stuff was after the party ended

in any case the first attempt at building a game was pretty good

we built some pretty interesting terraria-like stuff

the player was on a large tree and you had to kill an animal or something

the second attempt wasn't quite as good

we decided to set the whole thing in hell and i'm not sure about the objective

we forgot the commands to use and the whole thing ended up being barely functional

a guy that was reviewing the world said that it was so bad that he was going to cut my throat with a knife

i think i somehow knew that this was a dream so i agreed

i don't remember if he actually ended up killing me or not


college-related stuff

specifically there was something about the schedule

just remember there was a scene where my parents gave me a playstation 1

and they did that while we were on a vacation somewhere

i'd probably say an english speaking country

before that i was alone on a vacation in a different place

there people were separated by groups and it kinda had soviet vibes

there was a video game competition or something and i participated in it

my idea was to write a fusion of snake tetris and atari breakout

i made it into a console game and it somehow worked

i think i was programming on my old laptop

it was a collection of random scenes

in a couple of them i was flying

in one i was walking on my hands with my legs pointing forward

in this one i was buying kvass near my home

there was also a movie or an anime or something

battles in space were happening and time travel was involved

a 19 year old redhead girl was sent to the past to fuck a random 16 year old boy

there was some terminator genesis type shit where he was remembering her because she time traveled to his past

i don't remember how precisely it works but overall yeah it was terminator like shit

also in the end they time traveled a couple of thousands year into the future and there the earth just god destroyed

like they were on a space ship and the earth was a piece of rock with a giant hole in it

that was pretty cool

i think one dream where i was flying was somehow related to the fixies and that old guy from breaking bad

i was in a dormitory of some sort there

the dream where i was buying kvass was related to x-wings from star wars

also random cars that looked like space ships were on the street

there was a couple more dreams but i can't remember them

in one i was in some entertainment place or something

amusement park maybe

some important stuff happened but i can't tell what sort of

also a dream related to programming

  1. my grandma's old apartment

both of my grandmas were there

they were tracking whether i'm masturbating in the bathroom

i'm not sure how and why they were doing it

also there was something related to the simpsons

  1. bridge near the college

i was walking over it with @a.hesv

i think in the beginning we were walking by jumping on one leg

also we were talking about video games

  1. video game

or probably a series of video games

the first game/level had primitive 3d graphics so i guess it was snes/n64

the basic idea was that there are portals that lead to deeper dimensions

like there's one in the real world then one in level 1 of virtual world then one in level 2 and it goes deeper and deeper

the deeper you go the more epic the things become

like the enemies become stronger and the locations become more complex

in the real world there was some sort of laboratory that had a maze with a portal in some room

in level 1 there was a castle with a giant monster as a final boss

i think i played several levels

in the deepest one i went to there were giant armies competing with each other

we were kinda losing so i went 1 level back and did some shit that helped me

because like those levels depend on each other because they're subsets of the same world

doesn't make sense when you say it out loud but in the dream it was perfectly fine

  1. dystopia

an opressive ai controlled the humanity or something

it had an epic scifi name which i don't remember anymore

i think it was actually not irl but a story i wrote

also my website had a theme related to it

  1. playing minecraft with [groupmate]

i'm not sure whether he was in the same room as me or not

in any case i talked to him in english

he wanted to visit the second stronghold so i found it using /locate stronghold

it was under a small island with a ravine in the middle of it

i had a very small rendering distance so i initially couldn't see that there was a jungle nearby

at some point he teleported us to the wrong coordinates and we discovered some underwater base

it had lots of empty double chests and random diamond blocks

also a giant pipe-like room made out of stone slabs

there was a group of spiders that attacked us so we had to flee


  1. [former russian politician]

i killed him

or at least was responsible for his death

the events happened 1 year prior to the events of the dream

i worked for some agency and had a gun

  1. apocalypse that didn't happen

a meteorite was supposed to fall on earth or something and i was preparing

tom scott was with me who prepared a bunker of some sort

it looked like a tent but it was probably a container

it had a parachute so it could fly

he put it in some village and we were running there early in the morning

so the meteorite didn't fall but we still flew in the air

i started eating something then decided to take a shit

i was eating and shitting at the same time and it didn't go well

i shit on myself and almost shit on the food but tom didn't care

the shit was yellowish and looked like porridge

in the end the container landed in the lake and we had to manually get back to the ground

  1. minecraft

it was a minigame made by nintendo

in the overworld there was a train and in the nether there was a mall

i'm not entirely sure what was the point of playing it

some console commands were unavailable so i couldn't cheat

i google for some hacks but they were all for windows

i came to the conclusion that the only way would be to write a custom client

so i gave up

  1. still minecraft

it was and another minigame and there was a time limit

you had like 2 hours to kill a certain number of insects

they looked like bees but couldn't fly

i used a kitchen knife to kill them

after you killed them you were supposed to put them through a nether portal

one time it glitched out and i had to put it several times

also to get access to some of the insects i had to complete some quest using dice

robert downey junior

college stuff

water pressure

increasing human height

can't remember how all of this was related but yes

i think in the dream i was also on a discord server and discussed what happened

the moderator removed my message by "rebasing"

okay so robert downey jr

he miscalculated some physics shit

which i guess was related to water pressure

i wrote about it on discord and the mod thought i was defending robert

also there was a scene where i had bloated veins

on my leg i think

or maybe they weren't even mine idk

  1. college stuff
  2. masturbation contest

my family and a couple of groupmates were invited

in happened in some empty house in another city

  1. the city nearby

i was either with my family or a groupmate

we had troubles entering it because we had a foreign person

or we were foreign

idk some messed up shit

the passport checking process or whatever was weird

like they ranked us on how likely we are to pass

  1. video game

or maybe a tv show but prolly not

it was really long and had multiple plot lines going at the same time

in one of them a guy tries to rebuild the civilization on a deserted island

there was also one that was related to me

but i'm not sure how

in one you had to shoot people coming from a plane

  1. hospital

this dream may actually be the continuation of the previous one

or maybe even a plot line of it i'm not sure

so in any case i was in a hospital

they were helping me with transitioning

i don't remember what exactly happened but i did feel like a girl

pretty cool

  1. discovering a bug

i'm not sure if it was irl or in a video game

basically when i teleported deep into the ocean i was becoming invisible

like i guess it was outside the world boundaries

i used this trick to somehow cheat on the classes

i think i also told my friends about it so they could use it too

some old science fuckef argued that i cheated or was faking it

who gives a shit but in the dream i was angry about it

after some time the bug stopped working

or maybe it didn't idk i don't remember

  1. china

i was at some sort of festival

there were random people with me

in one scene i was on an infalatable trampoline in a heavy suit

i had to jump off and beat some record

i jumped in the wrong direction but they were still satisfied

in another scene there was a trolleybus

overall weird unexplanable shit was happening

in one more scene there was [former russian politician]

russian police and troops were there

they decapitated him but he was still alive

his body was also burned

they put him to sleep so they can handle him later

somehow i slept in the same place as him

i decided to go away because the police and shit

i covered him with a blanket which was kinda hard

because you know he only had a head

  1. repeatedly failing an exam

i think it was application programming but the teacher was different

  1. bill wurtz

it was a documentary of him making a video

it was a regular 2d video but with some nice 3d effects

like gradients or shit

i was writing a video game

not sure if it had graphics or was textual

it was for an old machintosh computer

the language was c-like but lower level

but despite that it supported unicode

so the story itself involved time travel and parallel universes

some people gathered in and old house and were doing something

there was also a grandma but idk what she was doing

i think i also made a website for this game

it was 90s looking of course

star wars episode xii

it was an april fools joke

they released a completely unrelated crappy movie

it was barely about space and 3/10 quality

i asked my groupmates if they watched it later

there were other dreams but i can barely remember anything

there were classes i think and something happened on them

in the last dream we found some cat covered in bandages

there was a story behind it like some girl was trying to save him

also there was something related to video games i think

in one of the first dreams there was also something about subways

skipping classes

our english teacher wasn't too happy at me

also there was a scene where i was watching a video in russian

i was like "gosh i'm so pathetic i can't watch a video in english"

but then i found the original and switched

masturbating in the bathroom

i was cumming nonstop all over the toilet

my mom was disturbing me by entering the bathroom

there was also something related to some hotel

like a video maybe or i was in that hotel who knows

it also involved cumming in large scales

also there was something related to minecraft

i think i built some shit that violated the laws of the game

there were a lot of them and i forgot the most

  1. swimming in a pool with my sister

there was a mentioning of a pool from my old dream

but like it was expensive to enter

  1. documentary about some guy

basically he was a lazy ass but somehow got expensive shit for his apartment

i think he did it illegally

not sure what was the point of the whole thing

  1. i killed someone

i think i was driving and there was an accident

i somehow knew it was just a dream so i woke up on purpose

i don't remember the dream itself but i do remember that i had troubles speaking english

gay bear (animal) losing his boyfriend

i was drawing a voxel art scene in paint 3d

another bear was telling me what to draw or something

he was like dying or doing that jedi disappearance trick

somehow i needed a password to save the scene as a project

so there was a separate button called "project" on the main window and the ui looked different

the password was "truth" for some reason

all of this shit was happening on a class

my groupmates were watching and i think the english teacher wasn't too happy about me doing it

  1. police watching over my actions

my godfather and i went shooting and they recorded it

i lated jaywalked with my sister and they recorded it too and fined me

  1. minecraft speedrun

for some reason the game looked realistic and not blocky

there were at least 2 more dreams but i can't remember them

there were at least 2 dreams

both involved shit with parallel universes

the first one was an alternate reality and i was a part of some group

the second one was about a real world but just a subdimension or something like that

in the second one i made a reddit post asking what to do if my cock is too giant to fit in the underwear

i couldn't properly express myself so i had to edit it several times

the post got a shitton of comments really fast

i got no karma from the post while the comments did

i think the first dream took place in an abandoned mall

and there were at least like 3 people with me

the second one took place in a ship that was probably on land

  1. london

i was there with my sister

she was trying to buy shit as expensive as possible

i was trying to find a hotel room i think

the city more reminded me of los be angeles than london

  1. pornhub got bought by a chinese company

they renamed the website and made paid subscriptions obligatory

also they opened a giant brothel

i think in the end it got bought back

there was a scene where a guy shaved his head bald and started wearing a hat instead

i think the dream also had trans-related stuff

also probably there was a scene where i look in the mirror and i'm fat as fuck

  1. [friend] invited me to play a bassline

i was given a guitar and told to play 2 notes

i still messed it up and they had to look for someone else

  1. playing minecraft with [friend]

i think there could be mods used

  1. climate change presentation

i was the one presenting

i don't remember if it went fine or not

  1. homm3

prolly i was watching a video about it but i'm not sure

there was something about how the game is still popular

also a showcase of modern mods

  1. hiding jars filled with semen under my bed


  1. a video/stream about a game called fortnite

other than the name it had nothing to do with actual fortnite

it was a top-down 2d rpg with a shitton of content

you know sort of like terraria

i was told about how the gameplay is really dependent on what update/map you're playing

i think they called it "adventure mode"

the guy who told me that had a website on neocities so i checked it

there was also alledgedly a dream where i had vr sex with [friend] but i only remember that it happened but not the dream itself

i can assume it was fucked up

there was a scene where i was asking for money to buy a shawarma

playing a point and click game my sister found

i was writing code for mutter

it was related to the input system

i was making it so it supports a library that was called something like COCK

i did most of the job by copy and pasting code and replacing words

  1. me with my relative

not sure what exactly we were doing

  1. me at a sleepover

or maybe not even a sleepover

it was a big room with beds near the walls

we were preparing to sleep

  1. homm3 mobile

the game was much less functional than the desktop counterpart

like there was only one town i think

or more like there was only one ui and you had all towns at the same time

there was some prophecy that if you did something late you'll get attacked

well i did get attacked and lost

i think other people were watching me play it

2.5. still sleepover?

we were playing some video game

it either was minecraft or an nes game

we fucked up and one guy started screaming

it expectedly attracted people

i was writing a wayland proxy library

basically it allowed clients to use color formats that aren't supported by the compositor

later i wrote a plugin for some tweaking tool that used this library

i later found out that microsoft forked that tool

there was also some video game

i'm not sure if it was 2d or 3d but it was from the 90s

i think there was also something about angry birds

which makes sense because i played it yesterday

so the dream wasn't about me but some random guy

it was about his dreams so like it was a dream in a dream for me

he had super powers and an ability to replay the dream/read its script or whatever

in one of the dreams he found other people like him and his non-existent grandma

they combined their powers and broke from the dream and came into the real world

also there was a dream where he was in a marshrutka

it was outside of the city and the driver forgot to close the door

he asked the driver to close it but he didn't care

  1. video about google's failed camera

actually there were two cameras with similar names

they were released several years apart and both failed

in the video the guy was talking about them in his office

  1. researching some shit

i think it was about surviving in the wild

though i'm not sure cause i forgot most of it

i was watching youtube videos and reading a paper

the paper was uploaded on the website of some university

the link was broken so i had to repair it myself

the pages had only basic html formatting

  1. youtube playlist of weird videos

so in that dream i apparently was sleeping and then woke up

and the playlist somehow contained videos related to my "dreams"

also there was a scene where my grandma gave me an F in my record book because i hadn't attended something

  1. writing some wayland shit

i think i was implementing some drm-related protocol

specifically it required turning off all of the monitors except the main one

  1. at least 3 dreams that i forgot

  2. watching star wars

like all 6 movies

in order from 1 to 6

the films looked nothing like original

they were much more casual

i think i also watched the director's commentary where he explained the meanings of the words

  1. playing minecraft with my friend

he used nbt editing to apply some spell to track me

i got rid of it using /clear

  1. a guy made a website that shows you the weather

like you type your city and it shows the weather the location on the map and some other info

the website was pretty old (like maybe made in 2000s) and he remade it several times

he later opened a small office in some american city

there you could physically check the weather and also buy some branded water

also in one of newer versions of the website it couldn't show the map for some obscure cities

for example it didn't show it for the one i live in so i reported it

  1. video game

it was called something like "charles darvin's notebook" and was made by someone called like "vasya software"

the publisher had more games like that and this one had at least 6 versions

i downloaded it on google play and i felt like i'd played something like that before

the game was kinda strange because it felt more like an irl role play than a video game

there were rooms with people and you had to complete some dialogue/mission to progress

you could do literally whatever you want and the characters would react in a unique way

as one character explained they wrote dialogue for every possible action the player could take

and that's why the game took so long to make

in the game itself i do remember a couple of scenes

the first one was a gate and there were other people visiting the rooms

there was a scene where i ran into the room i wasn't supposed to visit yet

and one where i shot someone who had a gun with another gun and everyone else was like "well shit"

  1. another weird video game

don't particularly remember anything that happened there

but i think i took place in the college's wardrobe

  1. a dream or 2 i don't remember
  1. jesus christ

i think it was the name of the challenge i took

i had to walk through a desert and then through some hell-like obstacles

i may or may not have walked through it several times

then i wrote a paper about it and translated it into russian

there was a scene where a girl (probably my relative or a daughter of my parents' friends) visited me and i showed it to her

  1. skribbl

but not the usual kind of skribbl

it was released for nes for some reason and was in japanese

when i found out that i downloaded an english version and it was a windows executable

i played it with 2 young boys (also prolly relatives) who were apparently good at drawing

we were playing on 2 different pcs on 2 different floors to prevent cheating

though somehow the game "detected" that we did cheat and reset the progress

  1. programming lesson

instead of doing what he's supposed to do the teacher were telling us how to make a perfect gaming station

he brought 2 ultra-wide monitors out of somewhere and showed us how to install them

he also showed some gaming stuff but i don't particularly remember it

i was failing exams

there were a russian exam and a programming exam

the former one had my old teacher from the school

i didn't know anything so i couldn't do shit

in addition to being anxious i felt kinda drugged

for programming we also had to write a report in the copybook

i wrote sone nonsense but the teacher said it's alright

for russian i sent an email to the teacher

she replied next day saying something like "yeah you fucked up try again"

the nonsense i wrote for programming involved the world health organization and the elf file format

i felt so drugged i didn't know what i was writing

the teacher just marked empty pages i left and told me to write in any case

he forgot to erase some of the marks but he and the curator said it's alright


probably i moved to a new place

i was drawing some shit with paint

i also constructed some elevator shit that reminds me of angry birds

my friend was doing a similar thing but he had a pig

the pig was shitting all over the place

undertale but it's a different game

though it apparently was still developed by toby fox

the first difference is that you could play the game in the browser

the game was 2d but i somehow experienced it in 3d

so like it was hyper-realistic and in first person

the plot of the game was quite different

the whole thing took place in an alternate universe and frisk was from the regular one

the monsters weren't underground but occupied the alternate planet

an apocalypse happened and humans died there and frisk became the only one

i don't remember the details of how and why they traveled between universes

there was some emotional connection between characters and it felt like time was limited

so frisk could only stay there for limited time?

i'm not sure how it worked

another thing that was different is determination

instead of respawning the universe was splitting in half and you were in the one where you somehow didn't die

so essentially you respawned not where you last saved but right before you were killed

from the character cast i only remember toriel and some tiger monster that looked like tigress from kung fu panda

they lived in a small settlement that kinda looked like a russian village but less fucked up

there was a river nearby but the place itself was prety deserted

like for example there were no/barely any grass

i remember that there was a scene with a location similar to that one from lion king

also deltarune was mentioned somewhere in the dream

the game was released and was also different

it was kinda like the game i had dreamed about several months ago

i posted something on youtube and got over 6 thousand dislikes

i think it was a let's play

also someone gave me an old pc and i was installing windows xp on it

  1. parents helping me with [activity]

we were also going to the mall or something

  1. at least 2 dreams i forgot
  2. playing minecraft with mods on a server

there were my friends and friends of friends

  1. i forgot this one
  2. picture gallery

there were beds in several rooms and i was in one of them

the gallery itself was in some foreign country

someone took a shit somewhere and got punished for it

  1. shopping at a local grocery store

there were wild discounts like bottled water for 2 liters

  1. italian guy that hates italy

and admires the us and russia

i think there was a picture of where i used to live

also he had problems with money

not sure if if was irl or a video game

i was with some people prolly relatives

some motherfucker with superpowers was trying to attack us

but we found some shit that could protect us

i think it was some substance but i don't remember which one

the first location we were at was a lake

it had an intense chemical smell

in the dream i had been making minecraft videos 2 years prior

so i decided to make a video to showcase the new buildings on the map

for example one of them was the mad professor's lab from one of my previous dreams

i decided to reveal my voice in this video + was searching for some background music

i was looking for music that was similar to minecraft's but royalty free

for some reason i picked a track by joji

just before shooting some video some guy who'd watched me called me on discord

he had a similar voice to mine

i'm not sure how our conversation ended but i think he hung up

then the whole thing kinda transitioned to a different dream but not quite

some super villain invited random people to do something with them and i could see them arriving using the spectator mode

i and the guy i talked to were included

he also invited the pope and a famous christian anti-evolutionist

when everyone arrived an epic battle began

i and that guy whole called me + some other random person combined and transformed into an androgynous superhero-like fucker

not sure what the battle ended with becuase i fake woke up and started writing down the dream

i think i was going to make it into a screenplay because i was giving names to all of the characters


  1. i forgot this one

but it was some kind of adventure and it was interesting

  1. river

2 random girls were on a boat

i think one of them decided to swim by herself and the other went in the opposite direction

not sure why

  1. tv series/video game about a town

i think it might have been the last surviving town on earth or something like that

the town was controlled by supernatural being that was making up random challeneges every day

basically he was a god but with a sense of humor

i woke up after only a few chapters so idk how it ended

i forgot 2 first dreams

  1. in joji's apartment

he had depression and everything was a mess

he was lying in the bathtub with a music player

joji himself looked like my godfather

  1. me in the uk

it was night and i was on my way home

i entered a random building to find a restroom there

i think it was an apartment building or at least looked like one

the first couple of floors didn't have a restroom

the next one didn't have a male restroom

the next one did but instead it of being labeled as "male" it was labeled as "android os"

like it had an android logo instead of the guy icon

i'm not sure whether i entered the male or the female bathroom

there were no place to take a piss

there were just random people doing their stuff

like as if it was a regular living room and not a shitter

i got angry and quit it

the last floor was literally empty

like there was nothing but random tree logs and a sign that said "use this address for your mail"

on my way back out of the building i came across a groupmate with a cardboard box

he was doing some military-related stuff

i think he was going to that empty floor

oh i remembered a dream

  1. fedora discord server

i sent a screenshot of my fedora gnome desktop

someone asked what distro it is

someone else complained about gnome

it was in college and we had the last class of some sort

it was either math or english i'm not sure

i spent the entire class in the restroom shitting

the restroom looked much better than the actual one we have

probably it was a staff restroom as there was only 1 stall

my mom called me while i was there

also the english teacher somehow opened the door to see if i'm actually shitting

after the class ended i stopped shitting and went outside

some people were with me

prolly friends but not the ones i have irl

we started looking for shawarma which there were places with nearby

but instead of buying one we went to another nearby college

there were random 2 guys on a jungle gym

i said something that made them suddenly unhappy

then suddenly the entire fucking place got flooded and the water moved us to the shore

they were like "haha happens all the time"

then a random guy that was with them started eating weird cookies

he then transformed into a cookie-like humanoid and said something with a robotic voice

i for some reason thought it was a reference to an undertale character

i was playing video games and searching stuff about them online

the first video game was a 2d game for windows 9x

it was about a boy in some town

it had a very unique calm vibe

i was at the end of the game

you had to solve a puzzle to actually complete it

the second game was a 3d one

i think it was for playstation 1 or 2

i'm not sure what the game was about but it had a darker atmosphere

there were easter eggs in the game that displayed a "web page"

people online recreated them using actual html and css

they also made pages inspired by them and i made one too

it was a movie about animals

you know like madagascar

i don't remember the exact name but it was something along the lines of "animal mess"

the main character was a fox and the villain was a skunk

or maybe not i'm not sure

in the beginning the villain stole something from the mc and they were chasing each other

the villain managed to escape

so the rest of the movie was the mc looking for surveillance footage to find where he escaped

doesn't sound too fun but it kinda was

he ran into many obstacles on his way

i think there was a scene with a closed electronic shop

there were several dreams but i already don't remember them

but one thing that they did have in common was a featured non-existent css property

it was called something like image-crop and controlled image viewporting

basically it acted like object-fit but was a bit different

android fork

bee with a giant cock

there were multiple dreams but i remember only the last one

all of the dreams were about programming

the one i remember took place in my grandma's apartment

there were my mom and some kind of prodigy fucker

he was really young and also had black skin

he was discussing an unofficial homm3 engine written in c

i remember he showed me how some variadic function worked

the engine itself was different from vcmi

it was more complete and more frequently updated

though its website was much more bare bones

regular college day

i was ignoring the class and doing shit on my laptop

then the pe class started and it turned out i forgot my laptop

i asked my friend and he told me that i forgot it in the restroom

i went back to the 7th floor and entered the restroom

there were no laptop so i decided to take a piss in any case

the toilets looked more like plastic bowls on which you can't seat

someone started narrating what was happening in my head

they referred to the toilet as a "pointing device"

there were multiple dreams most of which i forgot

they had one thing in common but i don't quite remember which

probably it was some logo

  1. minecraft clone

someone was writing it and i was watching it

that someone could also be me

the game was in it's very early stages

compared to minecraft's early classic

only terrain generation was done and the game didn't even have a name

i thought of proposing tusse because why not

the creator was trying to make the grass texture out of a photo of some rock

i think they noticed that someone used it in another game this way

they failed but i think they produced a texture by different means in the end

  1. spaceship

not much to say here because i don't remember shit

i think i might have been doing some maintenance work there

you know like programming

also i think the ship had artificial gravity

the walls inside were painted dark blue and there were giant windows

i remember a hall that probably acted as an observatory of some sort

  1. bass playing lessons

it wasn't at home but rather some school

the room where it happened fit many people so maybe it was a group lesson

i remember that at least one groupmate was there

she told me to play something and i of course failed

i didn't even know where the notes are so i was desperately trying to find them on a chart

i think i was trying for so long that i was there even when the class ended

only remember the last dream

our apartment was in the process of being built and i was helping my dad with something

his car for some reason was in a desert slowly moving away

i drove the car back to him

then i drove somewhere on my motorcycle that looked like a bicycle

the bike was so compact that i could sneak through the fence with it in one place

when i came back i noticed the dad near a crosswalk and he was angry for some reason

i couldn't find out why because i woke up

i remembered another dream

i had a midi keyboard there

it had enough keys to only span like 2 octaves

i'm not sure if i played anything with it

  1. my old school

specifically our class and teacher

we had some sort of an exam or a very important task

it was so important that we were doing it in a dedicated building

i think it was also at night for some reason

the task was way too hard for me so i gave up

i wrote some nonsense in the answer sheet and quickly left

they didn't want me to leave but i insisted

not sure if i had any consequences for doing that

  1. my house

the rooms were located differently

we had 3 rooms on one side of the corridor and i guess the kitchen was on the other

the there rooms were mine my sister's and my parents' respectively

my godfather came and was doing some important shit

it probably involved my parents

i was wandering around the house doing nothing

he tried to insult me but i didn't quite hear the insult because i was listening to music

also i drank my sister's juice leftovers

for some reason it tasted a bit like tea and not juice

also i think i cut the carton in half instead of using a straw

  1. my old school again

this time only the classmates were there and not the teacher

we were roleplaying something and i was the one who came up with the idea

they were extremely disappointed with me because i think we ran out of content

i proposed adding some insane shit to the plot like me being a god

i'm not sure if they agreed because the dream ended

  1. sci-fi shit

i had an enemy that had an army of spaceships and was on a different planet

i was hiding from him (her?) and anxiously waiting for an attack

i used a portal to take a glance at how many ships they had and they had a lot

i'm not sure if i won because this dream ended quickly too

  1. new minecraft update

it changed the ui to look more colorful

for example buttons were colored differently and not just gray

i didn't like it because it looked horribly like something from a 90s website

it also added new items like a gold coin and a discount coin which you could craft

by using a discount coin in an obscure ui place you could activate some debug stuff

which i guess allowed to inspect how the game works

  1. plane to rio de janeiro

i'm not sure if i actually flew it or was looking for one

the plane didn't actually fly but was moving down a rails located over the ocean

the rails weren't by far straight and curved in insane ways

becuase of that flying was really terrible as you constantly jump

  1. renting a loft in some house

i was just minding my business on the balcony

i was watching tech youtube videos and trying to configure some shit

one of the youtubers was izzy laif but he was showing his face

the thing i was configuring was pretty old and had barely any info on it online

at some point i heard explosions and windows being broken so i had to hide inside

i also brought the tv antenna for some reason

at first i was outside

i think i was driving down the bridge

then i got home and decided to learn to play something on my bass

i couldn't find the jack cord where it usually is

then i opened my cupboard and holy shit it was filled with tubes of jam and juice

also you couldn't just eat them but you needed to install them on your computer first

some of them also were bleeding hot glue

so i opened up my computer with a bootleg windows 7 and started installing one

the installation process was ridiculous

you had to make an insane number of clicks to progress

in the end i did manage to install it though

i think i also printed something using the installed jam as ink

the tube i used was strawberry flavored but there were other flavors such as horseradish

there were tons of shit like that in the cupboard and i woke up after taking only a few

  1. nuthouse

but not the one i visited

i'm not sure if i was a patient or a visitor

i was shown different rules of how they consider whether the person is insane

for example there was one where they stage a wedding

if everything goes okay they release the person

weird shit

  1. me and my friends

we had different superpowers

i had telekinesis but it was shitty

i could barely move anything but i could heat it up

it was about criminals blowing up things

they were discussing how to hide from authorities

one mentioned some shit from ancient greece which they used to hide for thiusands of years

it involved 4 layers of protection one of which could be only accessed in the beginning

  1. underwater japan

it might've been an alternate future where they lost ww2

i'm not sure why i was visiting it

i arrived there by a plane that flew directly in the water

i thought that it had some similarities to the russian northeast

my visit could be an emergency because i brought some of my stuff with me

and i forgot something

i think it was a phone charger

  1. puzzle

i think it was in our hotel room

you had to guess a 4 number combination

  1. tumblr founder died

she was according to my words a milf

i was going to impersonate her

i think she had been anonymous and hadn't shown her face

so people would think i've always been her when i show my face

i hacked her and started messing with the source code

i renamed the sections of the website and changed the descriptions

the site itself looked nothing like real tumblr

it was more like a news platform

while i was doing that i was also trying to create some space simulation

it was a red planet with an asteroid belt around it

fighting game

sort of like super smash bros

but the game begins with you being catapulted onto the stage

like in fortnite

i made a minecraft stage for this game

specifically a minecraft infdev one

it had a giant brick piramide extremely green grass and other stuff

the teacher from my old school was there

i don't remember precisely what happened but it was probably humiliating

  1. late evening

i was trying to buy something to eat

there was a grocery store and a bakery i think nearby

one of them was getting robbed

i'm not sure whether i bought anything or called the police

my parents my have been with me but they went away for a while

  1. swimming

it was in a foreign country that could possibly be turkey

i was swimming in the sea and jumping from a giant metal structure that was in it

my sister and grandma were there

while i was swimming i was waiting for the new version of android to be released for my phone

also my swimwear somehow depended on the ubuntu version so i had 18.04 swimwear

before i started swimming i was doing some illegal stuff with an iphone

like installing unauthorized stuff there

i'm not sure whether i even got into the country legally

i don't remember the dream itself but i remember that i had windows installed on my pc in it

there were maybe like 3 dreams

i only remember the last one

but i do remember dreaming about recording other ones

the dream was about me being on a vacation

it was a sunny country but probably not turkey

i visited several beaches and i think the mountains

i had my laptop with me but didn't use it much

i was traveling in a group with other people

one of them was my old classmate

for some reason he was in a wheelchair and was barely able to move his hands

i forgot a couple of them

  1. mansion

i lived in one with my family

we built a rapid transit system to get around from it

it was kinda a subway but with elevators

  1. looking for a mini pc

compared to real life i had more money so could afford a better one

also there were more pc shops close to my house

this dream is probably a continuation of the previos one because there was also a rapid transit system

there was a scene where i bought a mini pc that cost like 160000 rubles just to return it right away

i asked to pack it in a stroller (like one for babies) and they did

i think i remembered a part of another dream

i used audacity to edit an audio track there

and someone wasn't happy about it for some reason

  1. undertale-like game

i was near the ending of the game

i was manipulating the save file to see different plot branches

  1. irl roleplay fuckery

i think it happened in a mansion

there was a fountain and a bridge in it

my sister was probably there

also i remember one of former groupmates and a c3po shaped giant fart gun

  1. doner shop nearby

there was a mystery about it

when i visited it there were nobody but some animals

i think i was murdered several times

  1. turkey

it was late evening

i think everyone was having fun outside

i went to the supermarket to buy groceries

i found 2 supermarkets right next to each other

one was a migros knockoff and the other had a yellow logo

i went to the former first

the latter had a lot of trash near the entrance

i think it was mostly plastic wrappers

remembered there was a scene where my credit card declined

  1. our new apartment

it was more ready than it's actually is

  1. me and my friends

some of them were non-existent irl

we were discussing my past i think

we had videos of me which we were watching

  1. studying in a school

it was different from ones i studied in irl

i was new there and it was my first day there

the things were going okay

i think there was s subject that involved going to an igloo

or maybe it was just winter outside idk

  1. water slides as a method of transportation

this dream may be connected to the previous one

at first i was just sliding for fun

then we packed all of our things and went on a multi-year journey

or to be precise my father my sister and i did

we we sliding on giant inflatable rings and had our stuff in bags

we had to hold each other to slide at the same rate

the dream ended before we arrived at our destination

  1. cinema

or other place where people watch films

tbh it looked more like a classroom in our college

in any case i was an employee there

i worked in a pair with a random girl

i was constantly eating waffles and she was angry about it

she was trying her best to stop me but i kept doing it

she called the sound i make when biting a fricative

so she asked why i don't make any other fricative

i guess she meant the sound /r/

just realized /r/ is a trill and not a fricative

it makes no sense then

also i remembered another dream

i was making up an english-based conlang

i was trying to make up a system for question sentences

i wanted to have a single word to mark a question

so like what instead of how or where etc

there was another dream which i remembered but i already forgot it

back to school

this time i was enslaved by them

meaning i had to stay there 24/7 and follow orders

i was preparing to go outside for a territory cleanup

i had several friends to go with me

we were all dressed in full body suits to protect us from chemicals

basically hazmat but less extreme

house on wheels

it was night and my dad was driving it

there were my parents me and some random boy

i had my laptop which was charging near an outlet the whole time

i was playing video games most of the time

one video game was homm3 but in 3d

like you could walk inside towns there

i was playing a campaign with easy difficulty

the other video game took place in the matrix universe

i don't remember anything else about it

i think my godfather was with us too

i was conducting unofficial excursions

like people were coming to see the place and i was greeting them and showing stuff

the place itself was a spruce forest i think

the company that owned it didn't care about me

some youtuber mentioned me in one of his reviews

so i had to watch his videos

he was a chill guy and made internet related videos

he also had a vk group

there he asked money for different types of reviews

but the main type that he released the most was free

i fucked an underage girl

she may or may not have looked like my sister

it felt terrible

i was writing a low budget sci-fi movie

which i was also was going to act in

i think i was going to be the main character

the movie was about space travel

the plot consisted of multiple journeys involving the main character

they were getting longer the closer you get to the ending

so i think it might have had something to do with time dilation

in terms of characters there were strong female supportive characters

the main character was male i think

i remember only a couple of scenes from the movie

one is just the interior of a spaceship and a supportive character

the other one is the main character being stranded in a desert

i think his ship crashed on earth and he had to get back on foot

this and the beginning were the only scenez that took place on earth

there were 3 dreams

i no longer remember them

but i do remember than one of them involved my godfather

basically the dream was about me getting hours of sleep

i'm not sure whether it makes any sense

but basically there was a machine where i could add hours of sleep

and it'd be as if i just slept them in a row

there were other plot lines but i forgot them

except the one where i play homm3

i played it on my laptop which had charging problems

also i was terrible at playing

i was on a vacation

i think it was turkey

but it didn't remind me of any of my past vacations

something went horribly wrong there

though i don't remember what

it was a town called lewsdwig

it was really small

much smaller than the the city i live in

the place i visited was near the river

the river flowed into the sea i think

i'm not sure what the point of my visit was

i think i might have died and it was my afterlife

or maybe my family and i just moved there

i remember a house with people but not much else

at the end of the dream i became self-aware that it's a dream

i took my phone and started writing it down

i wrote more than i actually did now

because i forgot many things

but the first 2 lines were probably the same

after that there was another dream

it was just one scene and then it ended

it was about a guy who died many times battling a terminator

each time he died he was in a separate universe

thinking about the main dream

i think it might have involved time travel

also i remember there was a scene at night

and the apartment i was in was suspiciously similar to my current one

i think there was a dream where i reused the same password everywhere

i forgot it and didn't know what to do

there were other dreams but i forgot them

there was a scene where i opened reddit and there was porn in search history

walking with my mom

it was winter and we were near our old house

we visited several malls that don't exist irl

there were like 6 or 7 dreams

i only remember the first and the last one

in the first one i was on an island

i called it iceland but it looked nothing like it

it was really small and you could walk from one end to another

there were at least 2 major cities on it

i was in the northern one

i'm not sure what the point of my visit was

i was thinking of moving to the island

i didn't think about whether i can legally

also the climate was depressive and i didn't think if i can survive it

i don't remember the last dream nearly as well

i think we were on a vacation somewhere

in the first half of the dream some fucked up shit was happening

i think it might've been extremely heavy rain

or maybe it was related to some giant staircase

i don't remember

so we went back into our hotel room

it looked suspiciously similar to our old apartment

our white cat susie was there and she got scared of me

my mom gave her a comically large slice of salami

i asked for one too and she told me to look in the fridge

i looked but woke up before finding one

i think there was a dream where i was recording other dreams

i mean i opened up this chat and started typing

but i somehow knew that it was just a dream

i wanted to wake up but decided not to

somehow my other dreams weren't lucid

i had to go to my old military commission to take the documents

meaning they lied when told me they'd do it themselves

i wonder if the same thing will happen irl

  1. star wars-like movie

it was in space but the plot was quite different

the actors were pretty funny

i knew one of the actors

i thought that he got into that movie only because of his connections

i'm not entirely sure what it means tho

maybe he was ugly

  1. googling stuff on my laptop

google added a new category called spam

it showed spam pages for your query that was often completely unrelated to it

i think i was trying to find rare porn with it

i was doing in my closet and had to watch out for anyone entering

  1. taking a shit

the bathroom didn't look anything like mine

it had a light blue wallpaper and was a bit bigger than my current one

also it didn't have a bathtub in it

it was completely dark

i was sitting thinking about my first dream

cockroaches were crawling on the wall

there were too many of them

i was kinda anxious about it

i tried crushing them with my finger but i couldn't keep up

okay i remember a couple of more scenes

in one i was eating starwberry flavored curd

in the other i watched a video that said eating cum is beneficial for your health

or maybe it was an article idk

i don't remember the dreams themselved but i remember that there were 3 of them

they all had a casual atmosphere without any crazy shit happening

i think it was summer

i was going to go on a vacation somewhere

i wanted my dad to give me a lift but ended up using a bus

the place i was going to was prolly soviet

so like a sanatorium or an old hotel

while i was going there my phone died because of the low battery

i had some problems so i had to call my family

it was summer again

my mom and i were going to the beach

it was located outside of the city

we had to cross several bridges too get there

i think there were no dressing rooms so i was thinking about how i'm gonna change clothes

the beach itself was empty and barely anyone knew about it

i also remember a scene where we visited someone's house

the atmosphere of the dream was amazingly relaxing

i was in the middle of a lake

it was shallow where i was standing but deep everywhere else

the river itself was located near either moscow or novosibirsk

i could see famous buildings far away from me

the river was really wide compared to the real one

i took a picture of some building in order to show it to someone

the dream ended with a completely unrelated scene

i had a scroll with numbers engraved on it

the numbers weren't visible so i was thinking what i could do

also i couldn't decrypt it yet

  1. driving somewhere with my dad

i think i went to some kind of dormitory

one of my groupmates was there

  1. prison?

first there was a scene where someone was choked to death with a chain

then i was put into a small room and "blackpilled"

basically they injected me with something and i died

i think i was in someone else's body

after i died i could still feel something

i went to the cinema and watched a movie

it was about ogres

or maybe it was about goblins idk

basically strong green people

i remember only one scene which is a fighting one

i wanted to see more of this film but uhhhhh

so it had a sequel and a tv series

they all had completely different and unrelated names

the names also were different in russian and english

i'm not sure if i succeeded

before i went to the cinema there was another scene

it technically counts as a separate dream but i'm too lazy to reformat everything

let's just pretend it's the same dream

in it i found a rare build of undertale

i guess it featured removed content or something

the build was stored on an sd card

i lost it several times and confused with other sd cards

but in the end i did manage to copy it onto my laptop

i'm not sure if i posted it online

i remembered another dream

or scene of your will

i opened neocities and realized that i had over 400 followers

also a shitton of comments

some of them were about deltarune

in this dream i was studying in school

or maybe college but not the one i'm actually in

also my apartment was completely different

my room was smaller and more cozy

also i think my monitor was white

i was googling hentai on my compter

i used a tor-like network program

instead of using .onion addresses it used private use ip addresses

i'm not sure but i think they were ip v6 ones

i tried to also google without tor

2 of my tabs got blocked by the isp

  1. walking outside

i think it was winter

or maybe it was summer

the weather was shit regardless

my house was on the border of the city

the street looked nothing like one i've ever seen

but still it was pretty generic

there was a scene where my grandmas went out

one of them didn't feel well so the other one was walking with her

then she injected something into get and she got fine

i was somehow related to it

so like we didn't have enough of some chemical in our blood

but only she didn't feel well

  1. cryptographist consultation

he was going to crack my "2fa algorithm"

i have no idea what it means

since you don't have to make up an algorithm to use 2fa

still he somehow cracked it easily

he and his colleague weren't happy about me

especially because i used a cloud-based password manager

also this dream was somehow related to the previous one

like i mentioned...

shit i forgot to mention this shit

okay fuck it here's the scene but it off order

basically i went somewhere by boat

like go get around the city

and i couldn't understand the route

but it turned out we literally got around the city

  1. another consultation

i don't remember with whom but it was a doctor

and it was the same doctor as in the first dream

i mentioned my mental illness and the military commission situation

he told me i need to look for a very special doctor

that every comission has but is very hard to get to

i had to request a special paper

and also have certain clothes

it was shoes or sweater idk

i went to their doctor and she was supposed to give me one

she didn't so i had to request it again

someone just have me their lab coat

when i put it in i looked exactly like a woman doctor

that was pretty cool

i don't remember in which order the dreams were

  1. space

i think it was a tv series

it was about a team traveling through emptiness

the atmosphere was pretty lonely

  1. turkey

my mom and i were suddenly there

i'm not sure how we got there

maybe it was a hallucination

or maybe we flew there for one day

it was october but it still felt like summer

we were talking about how much i hate cold weather

there was a scene in a bus

the driver spoke english and was a fun person

we managed to come across him multiple times

  1. kde plasma mobile

i found firmware online for my phone

it was extremely obscure

i think i got it on 4chan

the image itself was a bit to bit copy of a cd

so it had scratches that had to be fixed

the thing worked pretty well

i then found out that i got updated later

  1. tropical island

it was about as summer as it can get

it was our last day there before we'd leave

there was a swimming pool near our house

my sister and i went together to a remote part of the island

there were absolutely no people

for some reason there was a small dressing room

we chilled in the sea for a bit

at some point people showed up so we left

it got really dark by that point

i wanted to take some pictures but couldn't

they were too blurry because my hands were shaking

  1. i'm kidnapped

a mad professor closed me inside a metal container

it was underground near some popular place

like idk mall or something

i threatened him to scream so loud that everything will blow up

or alternatively that people will hear

the dream ended when i started screaming

  1. i'm a mad professor now

i had capsules similar to the one in the previous dream

they were smaller and were located in my house

also i didn't use them to kidnap anyone

instead i was using it to test different conditions

like you know temperature pressure etc

one of the clients i had was my sister

also i tested it on myself

there were at least 4 dreams

but i only remember 2

  1. a game by toby fox

but it was not a video game

you had to solve puzzles in an actual room

the game was in early development

there was only one room made

  1. doing online homework

i think it was databases

there was a shitton of tasks

but most of them were really small

i managed to do most of them very quickly

but some involved doing stuff irl

so i couldn't do those ones

they were all related to playing video games

  1. outlast 3

actually it was called outlast 2 in my dream

but it was nothing like the real one

i don't remember much about the game itself

but i was actually scared by it compared to the first game

i do remember one scene with a bloody corpse

but it's not like the original game didn't have any

  1. undertale 2

or maybe it was undertale: chapter 2

i don't remember anything but the fact i played it

  1. deltarune: chapter 3

just like with outlast 3 this was actually named chapter 2

the chapter was set in an ice world

however in the end it was minecraft nether

some psychological shit happened there too

  1. minecraft

i was playing on [a discord] server

they wiped the whole thing and redid eveything from scratch

the game was automatically in third person for some reason

the spawned consisted of a fountain in the middle and areas around it

they were labelled and you were supposed to jump on them

so they would teleport you to different areas

i woke up before i could advance any further

there was a scene where i asked the teacher for help

the subject was software development

i was asking for help on a task i already did irl

it was in china

i was going to visit my grandma's apartment

dwayne the rock johnson lived with her

she also had a relative from taiwan

the chinese dictator whose name i don't remember came there and had a speech

i don't know chinese but i thought he was talking about doing something bad to taiwanese people

i could barely force myself not to say racial slurs

i was in the military commision and there was a young transgender person


there were too many floors

each floor was dedicated to different activities

the activities were extremely weird

i was lost and couldn't escape

i bumped into our curator at some point

i accidentally used the word "shit" and she started lecturing me for that

i think my groupmate was with her

i played undertale 2 and deltarune chapter 4

the first one was a side story so not too interesting

the second one was pretty good

tho i don't entirely remember what it was about

irl i was talking some pill

it was sweet and i put it under my tongue

my mom said i shouldn't have

but she also said that i can't die because of it so no need to worry

there was another irl scene but i can't remember if

mutahar from some ordinary gamers changed his name

i mean his legal name mutahar

the new one sounded more western

i remembered there was a scene where someone asked me to lend them my pen

but i didn't and was making excuses instead

it was about a new gnome update

they moved the dash to the left and made it always visible

so like in ubuntu but not orange

and they also made it extremely configurable

people were happy about it

i had 3 million rubles on my bank account

not sure how i earned them

i decided to withdraw 100k

  1. vacation

it was summer of 20XX and i think it was a foreign country

i was in a hotel with 2 of my friends

an extreme thunderstorm was approaching

i closed all of the windows and doors

but then i was told that it's not enough

i was given chocolate waffles and told to put it between the door and the doorframe

i'm not sure if it helped because the dream ended abruptly

  1. sanatorium

i think it was for children which is weird because i was 19

there were my old friends and enemies i could recognize

the floor i was on had many rooms

i couldn't find a bed for me because they were all seemingly occupied

so i called the hot line asking for help

the line was in english which was kinda cool

i was told to go to some doctor whose title i forgot

i went to him and he started looking through my medical history

he started asking invasive questions and i started making excuses

he also tried to ask who i even am and what i like

i tried to give him a link to my gitlab but it didn't work

i woke up before the interview was finished

i was making a weather app

a web app of course

i added an icon but fucked up

because it was the same icon regardless of the weather

it was an icon of sun and clouds

also i changed the bullets in the list to hyphens for some reason

i wrote a wayland protocol

i don't remember what it did but it sped up something

it was pretty trivial and i submitted patches to compositors

i caught a very rare virus on my laptop

so i had to install a weird looking antivirus

also it was in my new apartment

there was also something related to my networks website

  1. discord

i deleted all of the channels in the jfc server

i think it was too create them again

and move the ones from vk

  1. p.e. class

i accidentally forgot to skip it

i went to the teacher and asked what to do

she asked why i have this problem

i answered because i fucking skip classes lmao

i woke up before the conversation went anywhere

it was about an ld_preload hack that spiralled out of control into the real world

i don't remember how but do remember a couple of scenes

for example the one where i was on a train with my relative

it was in the u.s. i think

we were trying to do something illegal there

i had an account on some service but i didn't use my legal name

and you couldn't change it but idk what we did in the end

there was also a scene where our kitchen is flooded

also it was bigger than usual


we allegedly moved there

but it didn't look like it because we acted like tourists

we were in a big coastal city

apart from the ocean it also had the nile river

i have no idea how it's even possible

there was a scene where i was swimming with random people

we were eating pizza at the same time

my friend got infected so we went to the grocery store where we bought the pizza

the section in the store was called "diary" for some reason

she asked where we were swimming and he said nile

she was like uhhhhhhh

and the dream fucking ended here

the only scene i remember is the one where i opened moodle and it turned out i'd got a 2/5 grade for some network software lab work

i remembered 2 more scenes

in one i went outside without a hoodie and it was too cold

in the other i opened a discord server and there was someone in the voice chat

there was a scene where i opened my todo list and it was almost empty

just remembered a scene where someone commented on my neocities website

  1. i had to use my legal name

by introducing myself as "Mr. [LEGAL SURNAME] [LEGAL NAME]"

it was in an airport i think

or maybe it was in a school i don't remember

  1. i switched back to windows

i think i had a dream like this some time ago

i'm not sure what the reason of the switch was

i also don't remember using any programming tools

but i was happy for some reason

  1. spongebob gets kidnapped

i was spongebob

i was taken off the street and put in a truck

i was handcuffed and the handcuffs were mounted to a chair?

basically it was made the way that is impossible to get out of

i tried to regardless but the driver screamed at me

he told me that he'll shot me if i try it again

another person was kidnapped with me so we were there together

when we arrived we were told that they're gonna execute everyone but me

the reason was i (spongebob) didn't believe in god

they started testing me by asking stupid questions

i woke up before the test ended

i don't remember the main dream

but it was probably about me being a director of some shit

the dream i do remember is where i was masturbating in a hotel

the hotel was suspiciously similar to my grandma's old apartment

i mean the oldest one i've been to

also there were windows inside walls so people could see me

and they fucking did which was awful

the main problem was that i couldn't cum no matter how hard i tried

other than this dream i remember 2 more standalone scenes

in one someone left a like on my neocities website update

in the other my computer was overheating

also i remember that it was difficult to think in english in those dreams

my friend's gf found a couple of casual mobile games

so we were playing them

i remember that one of them was a puzzle game

it was also tropical island themed

i was in another city

i remember switching between several hotel rooms

i'm not sure if someone was with me

my main activity was writing a website of some sort

or maybe it was a web app idk

i think there could also be masturbation scenes but i'm not sure

just remembered that i also attended some classes

i think switching between rooms was a tactic to avoid going to them

i fucked up something related to electronics

prolly someone's laptop

my father lectured me for that

also there was a scene with our networks teacher


or maybe not turkey idk

it was a foreign country and it was either in russian or english

i was doing standard things like walking and going to grocery stores

in one of grocery stores there was a russian pharmacy

also i visited hq of a far right political party

it was a banana shaped building that was mostly underground

it looked like a soviet mall with regular advertisements

near the entrance there was a restroom with a mirror

it was done so you can see your cock while peeing

it also had pictures of random attractive people

then there was another dream

it was about 2 spaceships

one was slowly taking over the other one

not much else to say here

watching tom and jerry

it was a remaster so it might've been on blu-ray

it contained 90 original episodes and then new ones

but the original ones also featured new graphics in some parts

i guess that's why it was a remaster

i decided not to watch the new episodes

there was another dream after that but i forgot it

there was a war

many people died

one of them was alexei shevtsov

i was in a small town while it was happening

there was a lake and we had to flood something

we lost many people including some random girl

i later left the town

yeah if it wasn't clear

i was on the side of the winners

i remember coding some extension

like y'know a browser add-on or gnome shell extension

but it was neither

i don't remember exactly what it was but it was a big deal

turkey again

i think this time we moved there

we were dealing with some kind of trivial problem

also there was a bus

  1. i was going to start dating my groupmate

his initials are M.M.

i have no idea why i'd date him

also i was going to date him after he left the college

i remember reading his twitter

i couldn't find anything interesting

not sure if he has a twitter irl

  1. flood

an apartment building was flooded and we were there

by we i mean my family and random people

some fucker used this opportunity to kidnap them

when the building got flooded completely they were trying to get out

but the fucker locked then behind a brick wall

he later transported them god knows where

i was angry about it and was going to kill him

then one of the kidnapped people wrote something to discord

this fucker teleported to them and got hit with an axe by a kidnapped girl

he then asked how she knows he's not from the fbi

the dream ended here

  1. watching some russian tv show

i don't remember what it was about

but they said the phrase "great [president]" several times

  1. jumping off a train

it was too slow to kill me but fast enough for me to get lost

and i did get lost in fact

the train itself looked like a couple of beds connected to each other

it was also a summer night

  1. cats

my friend and his gf both made a music video about a cat

or maybe it wasn't a music video i'm not sure

we went to turkey by car

after getting into our hotel we violated some muslim rule

so we got kicked out of the hotel

thus we decided to just go back home

i guess turkey was really close to russia in this dream

my former gropmate discovered my website

i was hoping that he doesn't discover nasty stuff while he was looking through it