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WARNING: fucked up shit ahead

The content you want to see is mostly just weird but also contains some really disturbing stuff that may not want to see or that may not be appropriate in most contexts.

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i was in turkey but then got teleported into someone else's body

the someone was some random person from northern russia

i had to go to the hotel they were staying at and find some girl that was with them

it took me several attempts because i found the wrong person first

i woke up right after finding the right person

i was on the poppy's cult discord server

the members were saying slurs repeatedly

like not just slurs but sentences with slurs

i think kryptonaut called someone r****ed

either mace or koyo called someone a f****t

the conversation was about video games i think

also i'm not sure if this was even a dream but it seems like it is

i shit myself in a waterpark

the waterpark just only opened and it was empty yet

it looked suspiciously similar to the waterpark i have in my city

after shitting myself i got teleported back home where i had to get rid of the shit

my home looked like the one i had before moving to the current one

cool a dream in a dream

so i was driving with my dad in a car somewhere

it was prolly a long trip between cities

i was having a nice dream

it was about me being able to use the spectator mode

like you know in minecraft

i'd teleport to random places in the world and just fly there

it was pretty cool and the atmosphere was nice

maybe because it wasn't fucking winter

when i woke up we arrived at some uhhhhh port?

like it was near a river and we just drived into it and they took the car

i had to sit and wait for my dad

i didn't have a phone so they didn't just let me out for some reason

i met some people there including my friends who tried to help me

there was also a guy who could allegedly read your thoughts or something

he read that some girl was into girls and people started talking about

one of my former classmates revealed she's into anal sex to some other guy

i woke up before my dad arrived

haha not actually new i had it yesterday

the first dream was me getting kicked from the yesterweb server for speaking in russian

the second dream was a bit longer

it was a summer night and i was near a khruschevka

i was buying stuff for my old classmate

apparently i nearly killed her or something and it was compensation idk

the stuff was mainly groceries

i couldn't find orange juice for some reason but did in the end

there were 2 dreams which i barely remember

the first one was a story of some sort

it was similar in some aspects to the anime i had been watching before falling asleep

so there were a group of people who were given very specific superpowers

specifically it was teleportation but only as a clone

so like avatar if i'm not misremembering it

the clone could also be an animal and not only human

that includes fictional animals

i have no fucking clue what the missions were but it seems like they didn't make any sense

the main character visited a few random places where they did nothing

there was a scene with an empty beach at night a swimming pool and some random guy's apartment

the last one welcomed the clone for some reason

in the second dream i was the main character however

i don't quite remember what happened in detail

i think i was being punished for something

also the whole thing happened in the real places i've been to and not random shit

i remembered that in the latter dream i was redesigning my website

i made the background light blue instead of dark green and added some pink

for some reason it looked cool to me even though it was awful

that was i guess the reason why no one liked it

also remembered that there was something related to toberuberstobe

like someone mentioned it online

or was it irl i'm not sure

i don't remember the details but it was some big apartment

it was in the city nearby

the one my grandma used to live in

the apartment was pretty run down

not sure what we were doing there

also there was a scene where my sister grabbed my balls

that was the worst experience of life

if she does this irl i'll break her fucking skull

it was either a college or a school

it looked nothing like the ones i've been to

i was in a corridor with other people preparing for what apparently was going to be a p.e. class

we were supposed to dress right in the corridor i think

in any case there were clothes and bags everywhere

i had a panic attack and started crying for no reason

some time passed and i somehow managed to overcome it and dress up

the p.e. class itself was not even a bit p.e.

it was some sort of irl rpg quest

we were given pamphlets by the teacher which detailed what we were supposed to do

the pamphlets were actually just pieces of copybook paper with stuff written on them with pen

i don't remember the quests themselves

the only person i remember is an extremely tomboyish girl

she was so tomboyish i thought she's a transmasc

i checked her myspace profile after coming back home

i have no idea why myspace even still existed and looked like in the 90s

her bio said something like "i'm incredibly hot"

well she looked pretty hot for a man but not a woman

there were a couple of other dreams but i forgot them

one of them involved discord i think

the first one was turkey

there was a scene where i was swimming with my dad

we went deep into the sea and found an ice cream shop

it was pretty expensive but we got some

i think there was also a thunderstorm while we were swimming

another scene happened in the evening

i was hungry and wanted to go find a restaurant

my parents decided not to go with me

according to google maps there was a shitton of restaurants nearby

after i went outside the turkish town slowly transformed into a depressive soviet town

like it was gloomy and there were khrushchevka-like buildings everywhere

i'm not sure what the dream ended with

the second dream was about andrei nifedov

i was watching his video about how he switched to linux

he was mostly positive except he wasn't satisfied with wayland

he demonstrated it with some broken ui of a non-existent desktop environment

his main de was ubuntu-flavored gnome i think

i was banned from the fedora discord server for asking how to pirate something

instead of asking to unban me i asked the moderator to keep me banned until tuesday

i could barely put my thoughts into words but everyone else was okay with it

a long time ago humans have used a programming language called C

it was difficult and clunky but it did the job

however in the year 20XX a break through in computer science happened

the language called 🅱️ got invented

this language was so good that it could not only program computers but affect the reality itself

using 🅱️ a group of very smart computer programmers wrote a display server

the server was years ahead of anything people have ever seen before and wayland was quickly thrown away

however it didn't last for too long

by the year 20XX the code base of the server got incredibly complex

due to the reality changing nature of 🅱️ an unfortunate bug occurred that turned everyone who used the server into animals

yeah that's basically the dream

i was a random person tinkering with the code of the server

so technically not even an official developer

not sure if i submitted any pull requests or something

also i'm not sure if i got turned into an animal

tho prolly not because i remember being alive at the end of the dream

most of the dream was basically the same paranoia i had during the day

i mean the one related to my website

also there was another dream where i was in a very strict school or something

they put handcuffs on us so we don't run away

i remember a scene where i was running away with some people i think

also i remember a scene with a familiar looking beach

an incoherent mess of:

i was flying over random cities

like you know in minecraft creative mode

the country was apparently denmark

there was a city built around a river

the river was straight and the highest buildings were near it

it was also a late summer evening and i could see the sun setting

in the end i landed in a small town called "yes"

not sure how small it actually was because i only met one person

it was a small girl who invited me and explained the history of that place

i forgot everything

at some point i left but i don't remember where i went from there

gitlab stopped working in russia

so i had to start self-hosting it

i used a fork made by a russian mail provider

my domain was something like

our old programming teacher gave us a 3d graphics assignment

we were supposed to use some api by google

i watched a couple of demos on youtube

one was a guy flying over a city and the other was a truck chasing you in a cave

both were VR so the assignment might've been VR too

i don't remember what i did but i remember other people presenting including my old classmate

there were also a couple of unrelated dreams

in one i was walking to my non-existent school in the rain

in the other i was buying stuff near a bakery near my college but a non-existent one

i was getting pills from my doctor that looked like my dad's friend

also rhere was an unrelated scene were i was writing questions for the people in my room

it was night and i was in a car with someone

i was watching youtube videos including electroboom and izzy laif which now shared a channel

we stopped at a grocery store to buy soda

the soda was like 25₽ but looked very expensive

i have no idea why i even bought it since i don't drink soda

then there was a dream where i was with my dad and we stopped at an unfinished apartment

apparently some bald guy who's famous on tv was shotting music videos there

i think the first dream included some video i uploaded to a music aggregator channel

it was christmas dubstep or something

for some reason i was going to downgrade my cpu

i needed the cpu itself and an adapter

my dad and i were going to buy them

but the dream ended before it could happen

i was in multiple airports

also i was in moscow where i installed 2 ads of my website

i was trying to watch milf porn but someone invited me to see the lord of the rings in the cinema

i was in a hospital

not a mental one

my grandma was there too

it was summer and i remember going outside enjoying the weather

also i remember going to the bathroom

the light switch there enabled light in the whole hospital

i accidentally woke everyone up

also there was a youtube video where andrei nifedow was going to rewrite systemd from scratch

he made a brand new youtube channel which was called something like "system ..."

it had like 30k subscribers

it had a smiling white laptop with a green screen on the pfp

i think there was another dream where i was indeed in the mental hospital

and i nearly shit myself that i was back there

which is basically what happened to me irl once

i woke up and thought i was back in the hospital

while it was just my room and it was dark

also there was a dream where my grandma had a new tv and i was trying to watch american tv

but i ended up finding that the tv runs prehistoric 2000s linux

i may have just experienced sleep paralysis

i took the sleeping pill and went to bed to continue watching youtube

at some point i passed out but the phone was still in my hands and i had a really weird pose

the dream went fine until it didn't

it started hearing some unknown voices

then i somehow realize the position i'm

one of my eyes is half open and can see while the video is so playing

so i decide to well do something but realize i can't do shit

not sure what's the best way to describe it but my muscles really didn't want to move

i started panicking which was further fueled by the video that i could hear but not make out

somehow tho i managed to calm myself pretty quickly and accept this state

i was like if i can't move i can't call anyone so why bother

however my grandma entered the room and noticed my pose

long story short i woke up

not sure if it was actually sleep paralysis but still pretty cool

now i guess i need to try to sleep again since i took a sleeping pill

i had the worst nightmare possible

i was trying to build a linux kernel

it included fonts for some reason

one of the fonts needed separate compilation

while it was compiling it created an unholy sound

like a thousand children screaming into your ears at the same time

it wasn't that loud but it was terrifying

i thought that i was going insane

the sound was everywhere

i could barely force myself not to leave the apartment

my dream was something about some zip file

it contained some weird unix shit that shouldn't be possible

idk if it makes sense to record it tho

anyway 12 hours of sleep

i somehow time traveled back to may 2020 but i was in some weird town called "arch linux" but in the end i somehow managed to find my mom and asked her "what year is it" after which i realized it's a dream and woke up but i actually didn't since i was still dreaming

in the second dream i was walking to [the city nearby] on foot for some reason and idk if it was even summer or winter + it looked nothing like the actual road there and there were random cafes after you exit this city

some weird shit was happening to the bridge and it had a whole section you couldn't walk on since it was just fucking duct tape and if you did you'd fall in lava for some reason so i had so slide alongside it like other people

a similar thing happened in my old dreams that involved this bridge

another reason not to record dreams:

today's one

i was in a group that were hiding from someone

some evil organization

in the middle of our run i realized it was a dream

but didn't get control of it

so the only reasonable thing that could happen after that happened

i had sex with some twink

excellent dream thanks

can i please not dream at all


[is it bad that you did]

well actually not

he was kinda sexy

but uhhhhhhh

imagine if i wasn't alone


imagine if this dream happened on our trip

and i were moaning something while there are 5 more people in the care

i don't remember the dream itself but there was a scene where it was mocking me

not a character in the dream but the dream itself

also i'm thinking of falling asleep again

what i remember:

i was tired as fuck and already took melatonin

i was like "i don't fucking care just show me a dream where i'm a girl"

i don't remember the dream itself

i woke up disappointed and fell asleep right after

also i could barely sleep for the second day in a row

and woke up pretty late as you can see

my sleep schedule wants to break again


it was probably a movie

and i was watching clips of it on youtube or something

the basic idea of the movie was that the planet was like a sentient robot

and its current state is temporary and it'll transform like a butterfly

and some planets did it multiple times including earth

all of this shit happened slowly for hundreds of years

so according to the plot humans were a parasite

and it was set in a distant future

an apocalypse or some shit happened like tsunamis in the past and everything was in a weird state

so like that had computers and cell phones but they didn't really know how they worked and the infrastructure was all basically in ruins

idk how that makes sense

and so the main event of the movie was that the planet was getting into the final stage of the transformation and that robot was going to be born

so weird shit like "radiation" and "ultraviolet" light beams was happening

i woke up too early to see what really happened to them or to see the ending

but i do know that the main character was a "replicant" (why) or some shit

and that they also discovered underground bunkers that were built by an ancient civilization

they looked like they were ripped off straight from gurren lagann but had a generic scifi vibe

anyway that was a pretty weird mashup for a dream

i'm going back to sleep prolly

you know i think i better not


there was a weird scene

instead of the movie i switched to a random scene from "avengers: endgame" on youtube

and there was some random staircase

a character was standing on it that looked like echoes from jjba

he started giving the matter that morphed his body to some gray blob on the ground

and the blob transformed into neo from the last matrix movie

(old version)

better than the actual avengers: endgame

The main character is starting at a BUFF GUY with a temporarily detached head. Buff Guy is dressed in stereotypical Egyptian clothes.

[Buff Guy] My website will never be on the front page of Neocities.

it was a ww2 video game

but it was like

not a shooter

so like a linear game with a story

and you had to kill people

but it wasn't a shooter

also you were russian and had to kill americans idk how it makes sense

grandma's old house

visiting it after all these years

there were new buildings and shit

and garages

that were fancily decorated

nd that you could visit

and an underpass

where you could buy shitty tech stuff

at the end of the dream i remembered that she doesn't live there anymore

and the dream just fell apart

i realized it was a dream and tried to fuck an insane soviet grandma who just tried to kill me

she started vibrating and producing a square wave sound


some asshole

possibly in another country

it was likely late summer

like august

the whole family was there including the grandma

i googled

"the earliest gay book ever created"

it gave me a wikipedia article about a book called The White Barbs

(yes barbs)

it was apparently a 11th century bulgarian book set in an arab city

the name started with a can't remember the whole thing

the picture on wikipedia had a modern cover with a random greek statue of a man lying down

the book was "tame for its time" but contained scenes of homosexual relationships and extreme violence

i think i tried to order it but finding it was nearly impossible

especially in english

there were 2 michael stevenses

the current one had to replace the previous one because he died of substance abuse issue complications

our family decided to go to some balkan country which name i forgot

on vacation

and also by car somehow

and by car i mean we hired some 70s house on wheels truck thingy

we decided to take a weird route

we went through "illegal zone of turkey"

which was like an artificial island with only a road and a couple of towns that belonged to turkey

it was apparently in the azov sea but i have no clue how it even fit there

anyway you couldn't legally enter there

idk what the whole thing ended with

i was trying to install windows 11 there

from a sketchy russian dvd

after i caught a virus that put porn all over my pc?

idk how it worked

also i had 2 pcs and 2 apartments

and there was a breaking bad alternate universe something