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WARNING: fucked up shit ahead

The content you want to see is mostly just weird but also contains some really disturbing stuff that may not want to see or that may not be appropriate in most contexts.

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It was a movie that was titled Morbius for some reason. Haven't seen the actual one. It was a distant future dystopia where people couldn't sleep on their own and had to pay to get sleeped. Most big companies in the world were conglomerates based on a sleep company. The biggest one was in Russia, but I don't remember its name. It was basically a state actor that controlled and supplied your entire life. It was kinda weird because they reviewed their employees everyday and killed some by breaking their necks. There was a scene where the main character blew their headquarters up, and it somehow affected another company in the Netherlands. Also there was some point and click game with cool sound effects, but I don't think it was inside the movie.

Time traveling fish in space. Also some car racing. It was probably a cartoon.

It was middle school. We were given some shitty personality tests and separated into groups to play some stupid game. At one point we were closed into separate rooms and given special tasks. For some reason, I was in the "creator" group, so I was told to make something with my hands. I spent, like, a solid 20 minutes trying to come up with what to make, but I ended up choosing to paint a gradient brick wall on a 300 mL water bottle shaped piece of paper. I couldn't even do that.

Some kinda video game that was basically Heroes of Might and Magic III but in the style of Undertale. But it also had difficulty settings like Doom where you could barely play on the highest one. Just like both games, it had a shitton of mods, and it also had a weird plot about a family of humanoid dogs of different colors, some of whom got lost or some other scary shit happened to them. It had that sort of Five Nights at Freddy's vibe to it.

There were other dreams, but I remember nothing about them except the fact that they were nightmares and they took place in real life. They might've involved people from college, but I can barely recall anything at this point.

I was a plumber in it. I participated in a weird annual competition that took place "near Kazan" but it looked like Chicago on the map. The point of the competition was to strap people on top of each other by making the one on top put their ass on the shoulders of the one on the bottom. The longer the whole chain lasted, the better were the rewards? Honestly, I'm not sure because now it sounds like nonsense to me. Anyway, three were several dozen people there. I was the one on the very top. The whole thing lasted for way too long. I think it was 1 hour 49 minutes. I was so tired of it that I decided to just jump off it on some platform and finally go take a piss. Apparently people weren't happy about that and started blaming everything on me. I remember that there were 4chan posts and a Wikipedia article. One of the sections of the latter was called "The Fuckup of 01:49".

i had a dream about palpatine

where he was being inagurated

he said something like he was a great ruler and was doing things consistently

+ that the galactic republic existed for longer than the brirish empire

he mentioned queen elizabeth and that he wished someone from her family heard that but he didn't know king charles was in the room

my dream ended with me writing the following message to my friend in vk:

#marvel #ant-man #big_cock

Those were some weird dreams.

In one, I was talking to my friend and they mentioned some building. The name was similar to "TikTok house", but it was slightly different. It was, like, "pikpok building"? Not sure. But there were like several subdreams where I described that to them in great detail.

One dream was me playing Deltarune. It was the ending of the last chapter, I guess. It was revealed that Chara was a business partner of Frisk, but they had a conflict over money, and now one is seeking revenge over the other. What???

I don't know how to even explain the last dream. Basically, I was a fish, and the whole thing was set in some kind of sentient fish society. I guess I was in their capital because you could see their ruler. The whole city looked like a giant shopping mall that you could swim up and down in because it was all filled with water. Mostly the dream was some generic shit with societal problems that regular people have, except a couple of scenes. Apparently they had 2 rulers and they were switching every year for like a couple of months because one of them went into hibernation or some shit. You couldn't mention that to them and had to pretend that they're the only ruler. No fucking idea what that was about. There was also something about stealing eggs of other fish. I think i did it myself a couple of times. The place where i did it had the vibe of like a third world country (like Turkey). By the end of the dream, some unexplainable shit started happening, and all the fish turned into real people. What. The. Fuck.

elephants cosplaying as cats

this was in my dream

no elaboration will be provided

had a dream where my dad was watching some movie about wolfs taking over the planet

it was called something like

Gladiator 2

and apparently it was both part of the star trek universe and the half life universe

no idea how

so i dreamed of realizing i was in a dream

i asked the "dream" to show me mexico city in 1983

what i got was basically my current city but looking like a generic big russian city

+ there was a giant mall but the only thing it sold was "swatchers"

not swatches but swatchers

no idea what that is

the last dream was some insane crap and i still don't really understand it

it was like

i was reliving my own life but with each recreation of the universe i could change something?

or maybe it was like i was observing my own life while i wasn't in control of it

anyway weird shit happened

mostly it was from like the middle school period

ashoka hired black panther to defeat darth vader together

but it turned out he made some factory or shit so she voluntarily gave up?

it kinda looked like lego star wars

just had a middle school nightmare

my favorite

the dream was basically

first i was in the restroom which looked nearly completely destroyed

it took me way too long to figure everything out so i was late to the p.e. class

it led to a massive scandal so i just fled the next class while screaming

i had a dream where obama went insane and isolated himself on a private territory with a lot of weapons

i had another dream where i had to go back to siberia

but it was like

even weirder

i can't quite recall the details tho

anarchy minecraft server but irl

i have no other way of describing it

my dream was an incoherent mess

it was a family trip

like the whole family including me

i think it was in a private bus

we were in the u.s.

can't quite remember which state

but i think it was in the south

like texas or some shit

a mentally ill 13 year old killed their sibling who was also their classmate because of a reddit post

the news picked it up and the shit hit the fan

i watched it all unwrap in real time

weird dream ngl

i think i saw a breaking bad nintendo game in my dream

there was like a black and white pixel art and a dialogue box that had the word "waltuh"

probably a game boy game

middle school nightmare

but with time travel

and mind manipulation

unexplainable shit but jeuspaldbfbf

weird dream

had a dream that i was still in college

there was a "drawing" lesson for some reason

the homework we were given was something like

"Make a program that calculates the angle of a right polygon with N sides using 3 different methods. The program must accept any valid input up to 1 petbytes."

idk what exactly but i fucked it up because i misheard the task and i was anxious about it

+ i was making some weird presentation right on a different class

watching youtube videos about 2 minecraft youtubers shitting on each other


the dreams i had today were really fucking weird

not quite a nightmare but i can't even put into words what happened

it was like a blend between the real life and a video game with elements of time travel

+ i and my family were planning to travel somewhere?

weird shit

had a weird dream

it was a mix of being in school, a prison, and that mental hospital

+ i could use minecraft commands somehow

btw i think i remember the dream

it was like a cancelled sequel from gunbuster from the 90s

that only had one episode released

it involved a time travel plot but otherwise was boring

deltarune being released

again but quite more elaborate in this time

here it was like

he secretly released the soundtrack before the game itself

+ talked about shit on some youtube show that was called something like "X-COM" (same as a video game?)

so he like revealed some information

the game had 4 chapters (not 6) and there was apparently long race scene

+ there was a pink bunny character called

actually i don't remember the name completely

it ended with -berry but i don't remember the first part

it was some rare red berry

+ this character had a slapper theme

can't really recall anything about it but the fact it sounded really funky

i think there was also a character called "Mr. Dark"

can't remember anything else

i shleep

remembered one more thing

the was a young bear like character with light fur and really big muscles that was somehow paralyzed

who was apparently also present in undertale

i kept having nightmares and then waking up but each time it turned out i didn't actually wake up

it was an in-dream

they were set here and shit like me losing money online or getting humiliated was happening

+ a few scenes where i just levitate (somehow)

there was a funny scene where i decided to look at my hands to see if i'm still dreaming

both of my hands had 6 fingers each

i thought "okay i'm probably just really stressed and can't count" and went along

i had a dream which was a generic romance anime

but it was like actually 2d

i don't really remember the plot but there were multiple universe resets and time travel

+ 1 episode took place in minecraft

but it was also 2d

the main character was trying to like fix some shit idk

it was a guy with a blue bowl haircut

middle school

we had to take a plane from greenland to canada as an exercise (for some reason)

you were meant to bring something but i forgot it

the plane was flying for several days

after the first day they "turned off the heating" to see if we're prepared to survive in cold weather

after one more day a teacher came and forced everyone to jump straight up and break their neck against the roof

he did the same to the pilot and there was only one

this is where the dream ended

i had a weird flight ability in my dream today again

also it was like another russian city but one i've never been to

with bizarre geography and planning

[the flight was] like the minecraft elytra

you go up and then really slowly go down

but you activate it with a certain pose

i'm not sure how i go up

but i certainly do because i have to do it once in a while

didn't have it in this dream but in the previous one i had to avoid electric wires

like not touch them while flying down

they were also way too high in the air for some reason


several of them

prison like places that kinda resemble that mental hospital i was in

the last one was like 2 futuristic buildings guarded by robots

and destroying them would kill everyone on the planet

firefox partnered with oracle of all people to make a new home page for firefox

it was really bad and looked like it was straight out of android for some reason

+ it used a framework called Twink

(which was an acronym that stood for something)

i knew that framework in the dream apparently

there was an option to go to the previous one but i had troubles using my mouse or some shit

+ there was something related to windows xp on my pc, replacing my cpu to a shittier one, and my nose being stuck really bad

my middle school teacher somehow was related to that too

elevator but when you do to the -1st floor you get suddenly flushed down and then you float up to the surface

supposedly intended for fishpeople

i don't remember the rest of the dream but it was some underwater society

[my friend was] there and it was a history class or something (not sure)

[they were] however apparently already employed

at the end of the dream [they] mentioned that [they] "have only 10 hours to finish the report" (for the work)

+ there was something about me eating paper to which [they] replied "you may have digestive issues"

i remember a few scenes

in one it was a biology class i think but for some reason i was sitting in a small swimming pool

i suddenly started shitting myself and i had to make it so no one notices that

the shit was coming out in like small elliptical pieces that didn't dissolve

i had a mental breakdown later because i couldn't go home

but somehow later there was a scene where i went to the waterpark with my grandma

idk how these 2 relate

there was also some jojo stand called "heaven's gate" (not to be confused with heaven's door)

it looked like a pale magenta alien from like the alien movie but more anthropomorphic

i think it didn't really have any abilities which sounds useless

+ there was a scene where 2 people were detained and driven over a really long bridge

that took like a month to drive

but it was night the whole time

for some reason they liked it and decided to go back there later but with macaroni (what)

[city with a lake] was mentioned and it somehow related to that but one of the people wasn't sure about the name and also said some other name that sounded vaguely eastern european

walking around with my dad and sister outside

+ there was a couple of weird scenes

we found a cat on the street and decided to keep it as ours

it had light fur so we called it сырник

possibly the worst name for a cat what the fuck

i decided to wash it so i went to the bathroom and asked my mom how she washes cats

apparently i had to sit down in the bathtub with the cat and brush it with a comb

i tried to do that but like the tap right before the shower head broke

it opened a stream that somehow bounced off the walls and formed a 3d hexagonal shape

also somehow it looked like the cat had very little fur after being wet

some youtuber with a heavy british accent talking about why his new electric car sucks and why he hates the brand

orange invincibility potion called "winx"

i was visiting polanf


allegedly the capital but it wasn't warsaw

my mission was to destroy some criminal organization

i think in the end half of the city got killed

idk what that was

i lived in an общага of some school/college

i wasn't doing great academically and the director would visit and mock me

the building itself was located in the middle of the sea

i forgot the dream

it was interesting tho

it's 2011 and me and my family traveled to "sochi" by car

don't remember the trip itself but when we arrived i was quite happy

it was raining but just a bit and there was greenery everywhere

we were running on tram tracks with my mom but there were no trams

it was some kind of place i couldn't leave

like that mental hospital back then

except i had internet and i had to drink beer?

i remember thinking like "i survived it before i'll survive it now"

i had a roommate i think and everyone lived in rooms that are located in separate buildings

it looked like a tv from 2000s

with a stretched aspect ratio and skeuomorphic icons

i was trying to debug windows booting for some reason

music album with a custom video game

except the custom video game is just a real time animated car trip where the album itself is playing for the whole duration of the trip

you can move around in the car but can't stop the car itself

character from my dream:

Captain Christmas

it was a middle aged dude without a beard and just unshaved face in a red christmas constume

getting kicked out of the second year of college because a teacher accused me of coprophilia

i think it was the p.e. teacher

that young woman who was an asshole

the college looked like the real one but everything was in english for some reason


there was a famiclone in the hallway which i assume was installed there for demo purposes

[my friend] discovered that it was an intel machine with 1 gig of ram and installed the wii version of mario

the game itself was closer to sonic in gameplay tho and had nothing else in common with either

it was like a cyberpunk city with pipes everywhere

and the main character (you could select one from a bunch of human teenagers) was rolling in them and getting launched

  1. vr video game

probably battle royale

it had a like sunny and positive atmosphere

there was a bug where you could go out of bounds and just fly

i liked exploiting it

  1. me not being able to watch a movie in the cinema because of some bullshit
  2. some humans vs zombies irl roleplay which i was part of

it happened at night

+ i remember this line of dialogue

(talking about a nuclear submarine that acted as a power station)

not sure what air vents would mean in the context of a submarine

tony stark and walter white force choking each other while levitating inside the house

song from my dream:

George Benson - Nocturnal Necronomicon

it was like

a new song

late 2010s

can't remember the song itself tho unfortunately

+ i think it was released under an alternative name and it sounded really stupid

it was like The Sky but the second word was misspelled

i don't remember how exactly thoo

i have to drive a car but i can't

hard to describe but basically it was i guess an alternate universe where the only difference from this one was that the wildlife in the oceans and seas was much more populous and dangerous

i think there was also about "sea dinosaurs" but i'm not sure

either way

this city had some kind of canyon filled with water that you could swim in

which was like a popular tourist attraction

there wasn't any like dangerous sea life because it was filtered out or some shit

i think there was also an underground version of it but i'm not sure if it was like a separate place or just a region of the same canyon

most of the dream was mundane stuff like me talking to people and having minor conflicts with family and friends over stuff

i can't remember what exactly happened but i felt like i betrayed some guy while visiting that canyon

the canyon itself looked really cool btw

borderline outlandish but so cool that i'd actually visit it

this dream however either ended on some point or i just started watching youtube in it

because i remember seeing 2 videos

1 was some event from 2016 i think where a bunch of popular youtubers participated in some challenge and they had to run away from someone

i'm certain one youtuber was idubbbz and there was one more who was later revealed to be trans

i don't know any youtubers that match the look i saw

the second dream was a breaking bad documentary

like how they shot the movie

the only thing i really remember is that "interior shots were shot in a separate studio in california"

idk why the fuck they'd do that but the narrator gave some justification

me and my family were going to some city via the mountains

my mom was driving somehow

her driving was quite reckless considering how insane the mountains were but neither i nor everyone else complained in the dream

in the middle of the trip we had to stop at night

we couldn't go anywhere for several hours because either something was broken or the weather condition

likely the second because when i asked why i was pointed out that you can't see shit outside

like you could see a meter in front of you and after that it was completely black

i imagined a few terrible scenarios like "what if i went outside and hopped on the tail of a random train" and "what if that train ended up in moscow and not my destination"

either way at some point we could leave and we successfully arrived

it wasn't any real city i'm familiar with

for some reason i had to visit a p.e. lesson afterwards which was led by my college history teacher

she told me to fuck off because she couldn't believe i was a whole day late accidentally

btw forgot to mention it but for context: when it was dark we didn't just stop at the side of the road

there was a small shop or some shit with a couple of other people and lighting

makes no sense for it to be in the mountains but still

also i think there was a scene where i realized that jerma and the guy who plays the american psycho are the same person

obviously bullshit but sounded convincing in the dream

i had some technology that you could use to play a video game using only your senses and optionally make yourself unaware that you're inside a video game

so kinda like matrix but time limited and without accidentally killing yourself

most of the dream was some kind of cursed semi-prison semi-sanatorium where i wasn't told how long i'm gonna be there

and i think it was the only one where i wasn't aware that i'm in a video game

after the time ran out i got interested what kind of people play these games

i assume my memories got preserved or something after i left

i scanned a few servers for the operating system the players use and i found that it was mostly windows and linux but players were mostly concentrated in bubbles

+ there was one server where 1/3 of players were using bsd

after that i joined a homm3-like first person game and a game with large soviet building

kinda looked like a castle but it wasn't

the interior was almost completely wooden and the people there weren't aware of the fact that it's a video game

i don't think they were actual people tho but most likely npcs

regardless i tried to find a good game to join and there was a primitive survival kind of thing with a settlement and people speaking indian

i think i left it shortly after

i don't remember what the last game was but it crashed

not like the dream crashed and i woke up but the game inside the dream

i think i probably wasn't aware that i'm inside a game due to my surprise that this crash didn't leave me stuck inside it

so there prolly were failsafes or something

anyway i think it just dropped me into the command line with the name of some weird unix signal


complete nonsense but i tried to justify it somehow

i'm not sure where the command line was tho because i don't remember any monitor

can't remember the details but i think it was like postapocalypse

although i think there was a scene where i was in something like a college idk how that fits

anyway there was a scene where i asked some guy "how do i wake up" and he told me that he won't tell me that

also in the college scene the teacher used some term i'd never heard before to describe the task

but everyone else assumed that it'll be real hard hearing it

the teacher asked to like measure how long it'll take to solve it because she couldn't it herself or some shit?

idk how it makes any sense but people started trolling her by saying really large numbers

i wake up in someone else's apartment in a different city and try to calm down the owners who have a mental breakdown after that

after that it was some cursed marvel movie but irl

i had a dream about some animated star wars show about obi wan

set after the live action series

years after i mean

in my dream i was still in middle school and we had 5 classes

i think in the third class i did something slightly silly and people started humiliating me and laughing at me for the rest of the day

i think by the last class i hired some superhero in a blue suit (he kinda looked like he was from the Incredibles) who just fucking shot all of them in the head

it was a math class in college

[math teacher] gave us an actual fuckton of tasks and all for one class

it was like 20 different ones with half of them being extensively modified and you were supposed to write down how

the last task (also modified) was something like this:

A family has 24000 kg of cucumbers which they can survive solely on for 2 years. How long would they be able to survive if:

  1. The cucumbers were more wet
  2. They had 48000000 kg of them

the tasks themselves were from an old ass textbook from like the 80s which pages already got yellowed

i got so angry at him i was ready to punch him in the face but the alarm woke me up

it's school (maybe college) and it's exam time

there are lots of people inside and they're all going to the uppermost 2 floors

they're walking the stairs except they're actually escalators (still working) that are covered in plastic boxes with food

had a dream but i can't quite remember it

i remember it was summer and i was detained for something (college related?)

+ weird scenery

but not much else

i was controlling a ghost in china

i think i tried to kill some student

can't remember the dream but it ended inside a video game

i was watching a couple of characters carrying a dead body of a person i liked through a building

right after they entered the last from i got really fucking angry and grabbed one of them

i started grinding him against the wall (radiator?) and his flesh started coming off layer by layer like i was grating him

no blood tho

he was screaming "i'm dying" and he was done in a couple of minutes

the other guy was just watching

i woke up right after

some british colony near new zealand and its space program that got fucked over because of colonialism or some shit

i was playing video games from the venom franchise and 3 of them (3, 4, 6 out of 6 total) were shitty reskins of homm3 but official

shitty amateur superhero movie

something they'd show on the tv for grandmas with bad acting and bad cgi

there were scenes of the main character's childhood and him flying somewhere by plane

by the last act he was like 30 and in some big ass futuristic city a la cloud city but one the ground

+ he could fly with some fucked up iron man like implants

i think he got a call or something but anyway he flew to provoke some boy in order to help him

the boy could fly in his own like superman

their dialogue was about as follows:

i don't remember the rest of the dialogue but this was like in the beginning

anyway they flew to a random shitty apartment and entered someone's brain

i guess they did it to find out where he is because later there was some dad with his entire lower body stuck in the floor

he was saying shit like "if i don't survive it's not your fault" while obviously he could be pulled out of there

i woke up right after

  1. youtube video called "how i trolled the church"

a guy joined a zoom call of a pope or something without him noticing

and started playing some brass musical instrument

the pope noticed and everyone started laughing

  1. fucked up school day

it wasn't any real school or college i've been to

+ it was set during summer on the beach

i remember being with 2 people: a generic guy and an insane girl who likes to steal shit

we were sitting in a hut and she successfully managed to pocket the tv and towels in it somehow

i was worried about getting told off for that

i remember there were a couple of teachers but i don't remember any classes

i do however remember launching myself in the air and then dropping into water and having to swim up for like 20 meters

i think it either happened twice or i decided not to do it the second time because i remember thinking that it'd be bad if this happened again

  1. going back home from school

a different school

this time it was a soviet school during winter

my backpack was so fucking heavy i could barely carry it

it's like there were bricks in it

some grandma suggested me to take a bus but i couldn't remember my address

the bus drove near and it was like a big marshrutka and the front of it said "common uaz"

unrelated to the dreams but it took me like an hour of torture in bed to actually fall asleep and i also woke up between dreams 1 and 2 at 6 am and had to do it all over again

the sleep quality was awful too

idk why it happened today