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WARNING: fucked up shit ahead

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me googling "are there any flying mammals"

just googled it for real and yes


i was inside a pocket dimension or something

it was a tropical area with a big metallic staircase above ground and a cave or something below it that was closed to by a big round door and had cobblestone walls

it was really i mean really foggy

you couldn't see more than a couple meters past yourself

i was there with i guess a couple of my relatives

the atmosphere was not really overjoyed but more like extremely content with everything

i think i referred to that area as "heaven" but i certainly realized that it was not the real world and i was there temporarily

i kept repeating it in my mind so i don't forget it or something

i didn't realize it was a dream however

then i had a false awakening and it was another dream where i was with my dad near a kitchen table

i told him about the dream including that i didn't realize it was a dream while not realizing it was still a dream

for some reason i mentioned that the dream took place in 1991 and i was 21 in it but i don't think that actually was the case

he started ranting about the soviet union how it was great and he'd protect it right now and he could

sorta implying that i should've protected the soviet union too

i woke up for real shortly after that

guy selling jojo stand arrows online

his website was called something like ""

the arrows were apparently made out of silver and didn't require sanitization

also there was an unrelated section where he described how he constantly masturbates to images of frogs and never cleans up

it was some kind of ritual