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Ones I actually or sort of develop.

Date: Since 2016-11-18

Initially intended to just host links to my profiles, now it serves as full-fledged personal website with a blog, a journal, and other stuff.

Date: Since 2017-04-07

Heavily opinionated Linux rice used by yours truly and no one else.

Date: Since 2021-01-16

Hack that lets you configure your input devices even if your Wayland compositor can't.

Date: Since 2021-03-08

Collection of random web pages, such as demos and art projects, that were created for questionable reasons.

Date: Since 2022-02-03

JavaScript library for making client-side webrings with little effort.

Date: Since 2022-07-01

You're looking at these fonts right now.

Date: Since 2022-12-27

An app that nerds can use to pick a name for someone.

Date: Since 2023-04-06

I guess you can call this a raw data mashup utility?

Date: Since 2023-04-19

Light terminal color scheme that isn't unbearable garbage.

Date: Since 2023-07-02

Fantasy computer made to resemble an overpowered late '90s PDA.

Date: Since 2023-07-26

8x8 pixel font I made because I needed one.

Date: Since 2023-12-14

A ripoff of Just Delete Me, but instead of delete, it's rename.