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Programming ideas

To be implemented sometime but not by me.

3D first-person hidden object game with free movement, set in Eastern Europe.

Website that tricks catgirl enthusiasts into learning about website accessibility by giving examples of techniques that work for both people with disabilities and, hypothetically, people with feline sensory systems.

General purpose programming language that consists entirely of macros.

Sass UI framework that implements everything as mixins that you can optionally apply to whatever component you want.

Dial-up modem that sends data via a video stream.

Prior art:

Package manager for fonts, icons, images, and other non-executable files.

Abandoned ideas

Programming language with no typing, no error checking, and the worst possible default algorithms.

Reason: C and Shell already exist.

Display server with the emphasis on modularity and a multi-level feature set.

Reason: No need for another Wayland.

Operating system with no way of interacting with it other than by using a screen reader.

Reason: High implementation difficulty and a potential debugging nightmare waiting to unravel.

UI system that uses paper as a skeuomorphic metaphor.

Reason: Probably won't translate well to the digital domain, making it suffer the same fate as Material Design.

Wiki documenting lesser known websites.

Reason: Depending on the verbosity of the articles, it'd either be useless or unsustainable.

Android camera app that lets you disable image processing and manually adjust everything.

Reason: Open Camera already exists.

Toy WebAssembly OS-like environment to test alternative approaches to syscalls, sandboxing, and dynamic linking.

Reason: Too ambitious.

JavaScript web quiz framework.

Reason: Not another one.

Toy operating system that only supports virtual hardware.

Reason: Too ambitious.

Android ID card app based on transfering signed JSON over NFC.

Reason: No actual government will adopt this.

General purpose programming language where all functions are asynchronous.

Reason: Sonic Pi already exists.

Speedrun website for cheated, fake, and non-game speedruns.

Reason: and already exist.

Flatpak repository for outdated software.

Reason: High maintenance burden for something I'm not that interested in. Additionally, this would pretty much discard Flatpak's sandboxing capabilities, so there must be a better approach.

Windowing system and UI toolkit that uses a bitmap tile grid instead of text or arbitrary graphics.

Prior art:

  • 16 bit video game consoles

Reason: The thing that makes (pseudographical) TUIs worth it is that you can run them anywhere. This won't have that advantage.

C video game engine for basic 2D pixel art games.

Reason: Not another one.

Discussion platform based on colontags and comment deduplication.

Reason: Useless.

Wayland compositor where only 1 window is displayed at a time per output.

Reason: cage already exists.

Checklist app that shows only one step at a time.

Reason: One Task already exists.

Eyecandy Wayland screen locker.

Reason: waylock already exists.

Wayland compositor allowing to run Wayland apps on X11.

Reason: No.

Wayland winlocker proof of concept.

Reason: Probably unimplementable in a way that won't be stupid.

Wayland configuration and debugging Swiss Army Knife utility.

Reason: wlrctl and wlr-randr already exist.

xdg-desktop-portal swiss army knife utility.

Reason: ASHPD Demo already exists.

Manual data compression language and format.

Reason: Can be done better with macros.