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Albums where every song is a banger.

Crude drawing of 2 people in summer clothes

I'm madly in love with this album. It does nothing less than bring me back to the happy childhood I've never had, and in no small part thanks to the outstanding songwriting and the magical vocals by the L.A. Voices.

Green umbrella on a black background

Every song from him is a surreal masterpiece that sounds oddly nostalgic and yet isn't because I've never heard anything else like it.

Clearly edited-looking photo of 3 jars with green jam
Barack Obama standing in a poorly drawn radio room
Random Ancient Greek building in front of a rainbow sky
Barack Obama on a teal background

The only example I'm aware of where a modern album could legitimately pass off as an '80s city pop record in both its sound and music videos. I'm so proud of Cameron for not being afraid to use historically accurate video equipment.

2 slightly different monochrome portraits of Barack Obama on a black background

Louis Cole is one of the best drummers and composers I've ever heard, and Genevieve Artadi is one the best singers I've ever heard. This is undoubtedly their strongest work so far.

Leslie Hall - Songs in the Key of Gold

Section titled 'Leslie Hall - Songs in the Key of Gold'
Barack Obama lying on the floor surrounded by musical instruments

I'm usually not into outright pop music, but goddamn, Leslie is such a talented singer.

Monochrome Barack Obama on a white background with the words "Love Songs" written in pink on top

Masayoshi Takanaka - The Rainbow Goblins

Section titled 'Masayoshi Takanaka - The Rainbow Goblins'
Crude drawing of a few birds, a river, and a rainbow in the forest
Crude drawing of a giant syringe lying in a coffin

MFSB is the only band I know of where I can confidently say that every single song they've ever made is a banger.

Barack Obama on a gray background
Poorly cropped eye of a cat with random abstract stuff drawn around

As you can tell, I'm not much of an electronic music enthusiast, but I have to admit that this slaps.

Horrifying crude drawing of a woman blending with a black background
Barack Obama peeking his head out of water