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Controversial things I like

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Now when you know some of the things I hate (1, 2), it's time for you to know about the things I like. And get ready because this time they're much more controversial and also sorted in a descending order.

Yes, I'm making a comment on an actual political issue despite being far from an expert in it. I know it may not turn too well, but I'd rather be transparent to you.

First, let's clear up a couple of things:

So the basic idea of content moderation is that companies employ their ability to restrict their platform and remove the content they deem inappropriate. This is allowed to happen because free speech doesn't apply to private companies, and the people who don't support it are arguing that it should so the companies are not able to censor any ideas. I, however, don't support this idea for one simple reason: it'll do much more harm than benefit us. Aside from being necessary to limit the conversation from offtopic content, moderation is extremely useful for eliminating toxicity on the platforms. Even when done poorly, moderation prevents everything going completely apeshit because of overflowing by loud hateful vocal minorities. Should you remove the ability of private companies to do it, every platform will turn extremely toxic. There would be just no place for a normal conversation, which will affect the crime rate and will further propel the spreading of extremist ideologies. This should not be allowed to happen.

One argument that I've heard against it is "I would rather accept hateful groups on the platform and let their ideas be challenged by facts and logic", however it wouldn't work. No one will give a shit about facts and logic when they have an advantage of being popular. There's no other way to get rid of them other than isolate them to their own platforms, where their ideas slowly decade and die in peace.

First of all, if you don't like systemd, I have nothing against either you or your choice. Just please don't blame me for a choice different from yours more than I blame you.

In my opinion, systemd is a prime example of a software controversy made for little to no reason, and it's pretty funny. Here are some of the common arguments that are used against systemd and why I think they're wrong:

And here are the reasons why I really like it:

Yes, I am not kidding. Just bear with me.

Wiping your ass with toilet paper is basically the worst thing you can do to it. Instead of actually getting rid of the feces, you just smear them while irritating your skin. Considering how people usually wipe, in the end you're just left with a barely cleaned ass. What's the solution to this, you might ask? Well, it's obvious - washing it instead. I've been doing it since I was a child, and I've had absolutely no problems so far. My ass is about as clean as it can get and my anal hygiene is incredibly simple while yielding great results.

Disclaimer: I've only ever flown cheap Russian airlines, so I have no idea about the situation in the rest of the world, but it's probably even better.

This one is kind of hard to explain because tastes are personal, but basically I think airplane food is not only good but also superior to regular food you can get in a restaurant or cook at home. Here are my extremely subjective reasons:

By modern UIs, which I like, I mean the current state of app and web design, where minimalism rules, and by old UIs, which I dislike, I mean 90s utilitarian WIMP design. The best examples I can give of them is GNOME and Windows 95 respectively. In my opinion the principles of modern UI design do a much better job in the following aspects:

First of all, let's get one thing out of the way: I don't think there is such a thing as "bad music." Any music has an audience, and as long as it satisfies someone, it's good. You may not personally like modern music, but that doesn't make it bad. Yes, even if the music is getting less complex, you can't call it "objectively bad" because it still serves its purpose of being listened to.

Second, I think we truly live in a wonderful time in terms of music. We still have all of the nice genres from the past but we also have people making new stuff, including in those old genres. The new stuff does a great favor to the music by exploring the boundaries of what's possible to do with sounds. So in the end, I think if try hard enough you'll be able to enjoy some modern music too. For example, I'm a big jazz fan, but I also like dubstep.

It's widely known that the Star Wars prequels turned out to be not what was expected from the franchise, but in my opinion, it's not necessarily a bad thing. First, let's be honest, the quality of the movies wasn't that bad. Yes, the Episode 1 was a kind of rough start, but it gets much better in the end, and overall the quality of the film isn't low. Relatively speaking, you can't call the trilogy "bad." It surely isn't as classical as the original trilogy but still is interesting to watch. Second, this trilogy has a very nice thing that it shares with the original trilogy - originality. It introduced so many different characters, places, and concepts, but it still felt like a Star Wars movie series. The same can't be said about the sequels though. They lack absolutely any originality and basically copy the original trilogy in a quite shitty way. For this reason, I can say that the prequels are not that bad, especially compared to the sequels.